Jim Knight Instructional Coaching Advanced Training 2019-2020

Jim Knight Instructional Coaching Advanced Training 2019-2020

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This four-session institute will support instructional coaches and coaching champions to achieve practices and programs that are distinguished and demonstrate fidelity. The first session of the series is on October 15, 2019.

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The four sessions will include working with Jim Knight and one another to support the work of building and solidifying the components of a model coaching program. Skills and expertise introduced in previous instructional coaching work with Jim (either through a previous institute at Northwestern, or through a 5-session program at the University of Kansas) will be developed throughout this advanced program.


A Deep Dive into Better Conversations

October 15, 2019

This workshop builds on the knowledge participants may have learned from Better Conversations, Part One. Specifically, participants will learn strategies for effectively sharing positive information, controlling their emotions, improving questioning and listening skills, practicing dialogue and redirecting toxic conversations. The session will empower coaches to communicate more effectively in a variety of complex situations.

Creating an Instructional Playbook

November 20, 2019

Instructional coaches help teachers improve the way they teach so that students improve their well-being and learning. To do this, instructional coaches need to have a deep understanding of effective teaching practices that they can share with teachers to help teachers meet the goals they set during coaching. For this reason, we recommend coaches create instructional playbooks that describe include one-page summaries and checklists for the main teaching strategies they share. In this session, coaches and teams will create many of the elements of the instructional playbooks they will use with teachers.

Growth Coaching

January 31, 2020

GROWTH Coaching is facilitative coaching framework that has been refined over twenty years by Growth Coaching International, and shared with thousands of coaches in Australia, New Zealand, and numerous other countries from around the world. In this session, participants will learn how the GROWTH coaching process, along with a coaching orientation, and key coaching skills can make a significant and immediate difference to the many conversations educators have every day. Participants in this workshop will learn what GROWTH coaching is and how it is similar to and different from instructional coaching, learn the GROWTH coaching framework and how to use it to structure coaching conversations, practice the GROWTH coaching framework in real coaching conversations, and directly experience of the impact of coaching conversations applied to real education topics.

Advanced Coaching Skills

March 13, 2020

This session will provide intensive learning on advanced coaching communication habits, beliefs, and skills. Activity driven, the session will put participants in many typical coaching situations where they can practice new and important coaching skills. Participants will learn how to identify their own assumptions within conversations, identify micro-narratives that lead to moralistic judgments, and learn and use advanced listening and questioning skills. All participants will be given a coaching toolkit including checklists for refining their own coaching practice, and a list of many of the most powerful coaching questions. Additionally, participants will learn about various, constructive models for coaching including Appreciative Inquiry, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution-Focussed Coaching.

  • Prerequisite

    Participation in the previous Intensive Training with NU’s ECN


    Participation in a 5-day Instructional Coaches Training at the University of Kansas with Jim Knight

Registration cost includes

  • Support on fulfilling requirements for becoming a certified instructional coach
  • THE IMPACT CYCLE & Reflection Guide
  • Gene & Georgetti’s Food & Beverages
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