Teacher Learning Articles 2016

Teacher Learning Articles 2016

Instructional Coaching - Comparing Methods to Find What’s Missing

8/21/18 by Sara Ivory

As instructional coaching grows in schools around the world, so do the varied approaches to coaching. While leading writers in the field agree on a few key elements, there are even more differences between the methods they propose.

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Teacher Preparation and Leadership: A Discussion with Tim Dohrer

5/18/18 by Timothy Dohrer

MSEd Director Tim Dohrer joins the cast of the Chicago Coaching Podcast to discuss pre-service teachers and his impressive career in educational leadership.

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Becoming a Teacher: An Overview of Recent Research and Best Practice on Teacher Induction, Professional Learning, and Coaching

12/5/17 by Timothy Dohrer

MSEd Director Tim Dohrer discusses the benefits of teacher mentorship.

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My First Great Mentor Teacher

4/17/17 by Timothy Dohrer

Dr. Tim Dohrer, our MSEd Program Director, reflects on his first great mentor and on the qualities that make a teaching mentor.

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Student Spotlight: Amanda White

1/10/17 by Amanda White

Amanda White is a current Northwestern MSEd student and a future Spanish language teacher. 

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Three Podcasts About Teaching I’m Thankful For

12/5/16 by Timothy Dohrer

Tim Dohrer recommends several helpful and inspiring education-related podcasts.

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MSEd Alumnus Michael Kosko Named Finalist for the Escalante-Gradillas Prize for Best in Education

10/25/16 by MSEd students

MSEd alumnus Michael Kosko, a finalist for the $20,000 Escalante-Gradillas Prize for Best in Education, talks to MSEd students about his teaching practices and goals. 

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"Having Hard Conversations" by Jennifer Abrams

9/8/16 by Ryan Christopoulos

Ryan Christopoulos, a Northwestern Teacher Leadership student, reviews international consultant Jennifer Abrams's latest book, a step-by-step guide to mastering difficult conversations with colleagues and others, and explores the book's applications for educators.

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"The Six Secrets of Change" Offers Straightforward Leadership Approach

8/23/16 by Ryan Christopoulos

In this book review, Ryan Christopoulos discusses Micheal Fullan's "The Six Secrets of Change" and reflects on the secrets of good leadership. 

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"Good to Great" Explores Why and How Some Companies Make the Leap

8/19/16 by Ryan Christopoulos

Teacher Leadership student Ryan Christopoulos reviews Jim Collins' book "Good to Great" and applies business practices to teaching.

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Lemonade Out of Lemons: Making the edTPA Work at Northwestern

6/3/16 by Timothy Dohrer

MSEd director Tim Dohrer discusses the pros and cons of the edTPA. 

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Alumni Spotlight: Elizabeth Smith

6/1/16 by Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith is a 2014 MSEd graduate in secondary mathematics.

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The Trials and Tribulations of Building a New School

5/23/16 by Timothy Dohrer

MSEd director Timothy Dohrer reviews Be the Change: Reinventing school for student success (2015) by Linda Darling-Hammond, Nicole Ramos-Beban, Rebecca Padnos Altamirano and Maria E. Hyler. Published by Teachers College Press.

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Alumni Spotlight: Sara Fliehman Levinstein

4/29/16 by Sara Fliehman Levinstein

Sara Fliehman Levinstein is a 2009 MSEd graduate in Secondary English.

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Building the Capacity for Peer Coaching within a High School Mathematics Department

4/1/16 by Scott Galson

Scott Galson, Northwestern Teacher Leadership student, discusses his experience with peer coaching as a high school mathematics teacher.

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Coaching Conference

5/4/16 by Alison Gordon

Register now for the NU Educational Coaching Network's second annual conference on Thursday, April 21, 2016. 

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Ever-Changing Leadership

3/11/16 by Theodore Golota

Theodore Golota, North Lawndale College Prep math teacher and student of Northwestern's Teacher Leadership program, discusses his working definition of leadership. 

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Student Spotlight: Alicia Khedari

1/28/16 by Alicia Khedari

Alicia Khedari is in her first year of the Master of Science in Education Program at Northwestern, coming to us from her hometown of Caracas, Venezuela.

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Charter School Debate: November 2015

1/26/16 by Timothy Dohrer

Tim Dohrer gives a brief overview of the charter school debate that took place this past November, and provides a link to a video of the debate for those who missed it.

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Student Spotlight: Dan Voss

1/26/16 by MSEd Office Staff

A Q&A between Master of Science in Education Program office staff member and current student Dan Voss. 

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How to Build a Teacher

12/17/15 by Timothy Dohrer

MSEd director Tim Dohrer discusses teacher preparation and what he believes are the essential building blocks that create a great teacher. 

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Always Leave Them Wanting More

10/22/15 by Brad Wadle

Following his last post on lifelong learning, Brad Wadle discusses how to feed students' curiosity without stifling it.

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Foundational Texts on Classroom Management

10/16/15 by Timothy Dohrer

Tim Dohrer reviews three books in his discussion on classroom management: Principles of Classroom Management, Beyond Discipline: From Compliance to Community, and Better Than Carrots or Sticks: Restorative Practices for Positive Classroom Management. 

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What Does Lifelong Learning Mean in a K-12 Environment?

10/15/15 by Bradley Wadle

Bradley Wadle is the assistant director of the MSED Program. In this article, he ponders whether the dispositions necessary for lifelong learning need to be created in our students, or if those dispositions already exist and merely need to be preserved. 

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Leadership through Service: A Case Study of Teacher Leadership Constructed through a Socially Conscious Curriculum

7/8/15 by Patrick Duffey

Patrick Duffey is concluding his course work as an MSEd student in the Teacher Leadership Program. He is an eighth-grade nonfiction literacy teacher at Perspectives Middle Academy, a charter school in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood of Chicago. This article focuses on Patrick's practicum work where he collaboratively developed an interdisciplinary unit across the entire school focused on a single social justice issue with the intent of empowering autonomous student leadership.  

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Lead Differently

6/24/15 by Ryan Christopoulos

Ryan Christopoulos is currently an MSEd student in the Teacher Leadership Program. He is an 8th grade science teacher at Robert Frost Junior  High, part of Schaumburg School District 54. This article focuses on Ryan’s practicum work where he developed a collaborative teacher team around the school’s gifted population.

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Articles of Confederation Lesson

6/1/15 by Allie Niese

MSEd student Allie Niese designed this lesson on the Articles of Confederation for 12th-grade students in a US government or civics classroom. It is meant to be completed in one 50-minute class period.

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Lunar and Solar Eclipse Introductory Lesson

5/11/15 by Jonathan Ropiequet

MSEd student Jonathan Ropiequet created this lesson plan for third-grade students. The learning goals for this lesson are for students to learn to formulate questions based on a science topic, collect data based on observations of images and models, and report and display group findings to the class. 

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4/24/15 by Allie Niese

Current MSEd student Allie Niese recently attended the Illinois Civic Mission Coalition's Annual Convening. Here are some of her thoughts.

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Personal Artifact Lesson: Santo Domingo Jewelry

4/9/15 by Jonathan Ropiequet

Jonathan Ropiequet, current MSEd student, designed this lesson plan for third grade students as an opportunity to bring a piece of his own personal history into the classroom. Through this lesson, students are also exposed to technology, geography, history, reading, writing, and art together in a dynamic and entertaining way. 

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The Act of Teaching

2/6/15 by Timothy Dohrer

MSEd Director Timothy Dohrer pulls back the curtain for a glimpse into the act of teaching in his latest blog post. 

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Review: Instructional Coaching: A Partnership Approach to Improving Instruction

7/3/14 by Timothy Dohrer

Tim Dohrer reviews Jim Knight's book, Instructional Coaching: A Partnership Approach to Improving Instruction. 

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The Experiment Was a Success

2/4/14 by Timothy Dohrer

A book review of Becoming Self-Directed Learners: Student & Faculty Memoirs of an Experimenting High School 40 Years Later by Bellanca, Paul, and Paul (editors). 

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Book Review of Schooling America by Patricia Graham

12/5/13 by Timothy Dohrer

Tim Dohrer reviews Patricia Graham's Schooling America: How the Public Schools Meet the Nation’s Changing Needs. New York, NY: Oxford.

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Book Review of Philosophy of Education (3rd Edition) by Nel Noddings

11/4/13 by Timothy Dohrer

Tim Dohrer reviews Nel Noddings' book, Philosophy of Education (3rd Edition). 

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The Push and Pull of Cultural Differences: Presentation by Dr. Hazel Rose Markus

1/29/15 by Timothy Dohrer

Cultural differences are part of our daily lives, and researchers at Stanford University are trying to better understand how those differences interact and make us who we are. Leading those efforts is Dr. Hazel Markus, who spoke to 100 audience members on Friday, January 24, at Northwestern University’s McCormick Foundation Forum.

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Leading from the Front of the Classroom

1/8/15 by Timothy Dohrer

Timothy Dohrer, director of the Master of Science in Education Program, recently attended the first Teach to Lead summit on teacher leadership. In his post, he explores the expanding definition of teacher leadership and its integral role in transforming schools. 

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The State of Teacher Education

11/14/14 by Timothy Dohrer

Recently, teacher preparation programs across the country have reported drops in their enrollment. As director of the Master of Science in Education Program, Timothy Dohrer tries to grapple with this emerging issue in his most recent essay.

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Get to Know the edTPA: An Interview with Rebekah Stathakis

11/11/14 by Rebekah Stathakis and Charles Stone

At Northwestern University’s Master of Science in Education Program (MSEd), we are always striving to improve how we prepare teachers for success. Teacher candidate assessment is a fundamental part of that process. Earlier this fall, we talked with Rebekah Stathakis (BS02), Northwestern alumna and MSEd staff member, about a new assessment, the edTPA portfolio. 

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Why Do You Want to Be a Teacher?

11/6/14 by MSEd Program

This week, we asked our MSEd students one question: Why do you want to be a teacher? Here are some of their answers.

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Mindset and the Power of Perceived Utility

10/16/14 by Erik Parsons

On May 9, 2014, the Family Action Network hosted Carol Dweck, Lewis and Virginia Professor Psychology at Stanford University and one of the world's leading experts in the field of motivation, to speak on her research on risk-taking, challenge, and the growth mindset. Erik Parsons, an MSEd student in the gifted education program, wrote this review of the event. Stay tuned for upcoming events hosted by the Family Action Network and MSEd.

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Philosophy of Education: The Reason I Am a Teacher

9/23/14 by Timothy Dohrer

Earlier this year, ASCD put out this request: "In 200 words or less, tell us about a teacher who made a big difference in your life." Here is the response from the director of the Master of Science in Education Program, Timothy Dohrer.

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Never Rest: Closing Remarks for Graduation 2014

9/19/14 by Mike Stevenson

MSEd alumnus Mike Stevenson gave the closing remarks at this year's graduation ceremony on August 2, 2014. Here is his message to his fellow graduates.

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A Day in a School in Tanzania…

7/25/14 by Shao-Yun Guo

Shao-Yun Guo, a current MSED student, describes his experience at a primary school in Tanzania this past summer.

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The Power of Education

8/27/14 by Timothy Dohrer

This is a draft of the address Timothy Dohrer delivered at the Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies Convocation on June 21, 2013. As a graduate of the program himself (MA, English, 1995), it was an opportunity to congratulate the students for accomplishing this monumental undertaking and get them thinking about using their new skills and knowledge to give back to their community. There is power in education. The question is: how do we use it?

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Atomic Structure: Before, During, After Activities

8/26/14 by Eric Garay

Master of Science in Education student Eric Garay offers a lesson plan for a "people search" as a before-reading activity for a chemistry textbook chapter on atomic structure. He maintains that this activity encourages students to activate and make connections to any prior knowledge they may have on the topic. It also provides social and physical engagement.

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Book Review: The Flat World and Education by Linda Darling-Hammond

8/20/14 by Timothy Dohrer

Tim Dohrer, director of the Master of Science in Education Program at Northwestern University, reviews a book by Linda Darling-Hammond that concerns issues of equity and education.

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