Being Prepared to Develop a Unique Classroom Culture

Being Prepared to Develop a Unique Classroom Culture

By Timothy Dohrer

We’ve been talking with our candidates recently about how to establish a classroom culture as a Student Teacher or new teacher with a group of students. While there are lots of “tricks of the trade,” it is difficult to provide one “playbook” that works all the time. Each teacher, group of students, and classroom is different and unique. A good teacher recognizes their own strengths, understands school context, and reads the room when helping students craft the best ways for the group to live and learn with each other.

As with anything in education, it is always good to have a plan and be well-informed before stepping into the classroom. And then it is time to put it into practice and see what happens! There are some awesome resources available on sites like Edutopia and The Teaching Channel that can help. Here are some great one to start your research:

Building Relationships with Students

Classroom Management Fundamentals for New Teachers: Resource Page 

Edutopia’s New Teachers Page

Trauma Informed School – Elementary

Flexible classrooms – K-8

Appreciation, Apology, AHA – High School

How do I develop a classroom culture?

Morning Meetings Video

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