Spotlight: Annie Osenbaugh

Spotlight: Annie Osenbaugh

By Timothy Dohrer

Q: What makes you want to be a teacher? 

A: Besides a deep and unshakable love for my content area (English literature), my experiences as a student are my primary motivation for teaching. High School was an extremely difficult time for me, and I want to support other people who struggle with fitting in and self-acceptance in their teenage years. I hope to guide my students through the process of self-discovery, and equip them with the tools to express their newly formed identities. 


Q: Why did you choose Northwestern University’s MSEd Program? 

A: I had an excellent experience in Northwestern's English Masters Program last year, and couldn't bear to part with Northwestern after only a year. I also really value the importance Northwestern places on progressive education and "teaching the whole student." 


Q: What were you doing prior to starting at Northwestern? 

A: Before I entered into Northwestern's English Masters program, I was working at an after-school program on Maui, writing morbid poetry, and doodling. 


Q: What advice or insight would you give to an incoming first year in the Northwestern MSEd Program? 

A: If you have any problems, let your adviser or professors know right away. Everyone wants you to succeed, and it's not worth it to try and struggle on your own. Others are probably experiencing similar set-backs! 


Q: What is the sense of community like in the MSEd program at Northwestern? 

A: The community in the MSEd program is incredibly warm. Everyone is so kind and positive that I often felt like I was at a summer camp when surrounded by my peers. 

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