Student Spotlight: Tianzhou Ye

Student Spotlight: Tianzhou Ye

By Tianzhou Ye

1. What makes you want to be a teacher? 

It happened by chance. As an international student who majored in Classics, I had to find a job that was directly related to my major. So I became a K-8 Latin teacher. Throughout that year of teaching, despite constant frustrations, I found the sense of achievement that came at the end of every day was so satisfying, and I didnt think I would have gotten that in other jobs. I became certified in Massachusetts, and started teaching high school Latin full time. 

2. Why did you choose Northwestern Universitys MSEd Program?

There are a couple reasons, such as I live right in town in Evanston, so the proximity to the campus is a big draw; I also might eventually want to return to China, where having a degree from a well-recognized university as Northwestern is considered a huge asset. But ultimately, it was the people I met and the sense of community I felt on Preview Days that helped me make the decision. The fellow students I have met are all passionate and idealistic about the purpose of education. The staff at MSEd are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Every visit to 618 Garrett Place feels like a visit to a second home. 

3. What were you doing prior to starting at Northwestern?

I had taught 5 years before starting the Teacher Leadership program at Northwestern. I taught Latin for 4 years in Massachusetts, and 1 year in Wilmette, IL. Right now, in addition to studying part-time at Northwestern, I teach Chinese Mandarin at a local public high school. I also serve as co-sponsor of the Chinese Club and National Chinese Honor Society at my school. 

4. Was there a particular teacher who inspired you in school?

I grew up in Shanghai, China, where teachers are particularly celebrated as architects of minds. I have been lucky enough to have wonderful teachers throughout my life, and their influence has been only second to that from my parents. Ms. Yu, my homeroom teacher in elementary school, showed me what kind of positive influence an observant and knowledgeable teacher could have on children and their families. When my 12-year-old best friend and I were going through a rough time, she sat us down and facilitated a conversation as if we were adults. I plan to visit her when I go back to Shanghai this summer. 

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