Student Spotlight: Rosalie Shyu

Student Spotlight: Rosalie Shyu

By Rosalie Shyu

What makes you want to be a teacher?
I wanted to see if there was a job that allowed me to spend time impacting local youth in Chicago. For the past few years, I've spent time volunteering with high school students and felt like it was time to see if I'd enjoy making it a full time thing!

What were you doing prior to starting at Northwestern?
I was (and still am) a mechanical engineer at a refinery. While I love my job, my "why" just wasn't being fulfilled in the oil and gas industry, especially given all the societal/infrastructure revamping that needs to happen to combat climate change.

Why did you choose Northwestern University’s MSEd Program?
The location and rigor! I still work full-time, so I needed to stay in the area, but I also wanted a program that knew a lot about Chicago, CPS, and that had connections here.

How would you describe your Northwestern classes? Your professors?
So far, I've found my classmates and professors to be extremely empathetic and capable of holding multiple (and often conflicting) viewpoints. This not only fosters inclusivity, but reduces the stress that often comes with academia. As a result, I feel like I am allowed to bring my whole self to class, to ask stupid questions, and to ask for help! MSED has also been very accommodating to my schedule, since I've reduced my coursework from 2 classes per quarter to 1 per quarter and they fully supported me in that decision.

Are you involved in any extracurricular activities outside of Northwestern?
I'm usually training for a marathon or an ultramarathon! Also, keeping my dog alive counts as an extracurricular, right?

What are you most excited about for student teaching? What are you most nervous about?
Honestly, I'm nervous about my career change and wondering if teaching will fulfill that "why" that I've been looking for. However, I know that I won't regret giving it a shot and all signs point to the possibility that I will enjoy it a lot, so that's what I'm excited to find out!

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