Zoom Along: Remote Teaching in the Iron Age

Zoom Along: Remote Teaching in the Iron Age

By Liz Shulman
Illustration by: Nina Pagano

"After each class, I stay on Zoom in case students have any questions, or just want to chat. I keep my video and audio on, often sitting alone. In a matter of seconds, the 24 screens disappear quickly, one by one like bubbles popping into pixelated air. That day, though, one student remained, and our boxes were equally sized and next to each other on the screen in Zoom’s gallery view."

In The Smart Set, MSEd Instructor Liz Shulman writes about teaching Ovid's "Four Ages" through a screen, reflecting on technology, physical space, self-consciousness, and connecting with students in our own Iron Age. Read her essay "Zoom Along" here.

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