Dr. Paula Hooper Featured on NPR

Dr. Paula Hooper Featured on NPR

By Caitlin Dunlap Sikes

Dr. Paula Hooper Featured on NPR

On August 16th, 2023, Dr. Paula Hooper,  Assistant Professor of Instruction for the Master of Science in Education Program, was featured on WBEZ Chicago's NPR segment Reset. She was asked to weigh in on summer learning loss, also known as "summer slide."

In the segment, Paula gives some reassurance to parents who may feel concerned about summer learning loss. She states: "In a way, I think that summer slide is something that is a little bit overblown...Yes, kids' test scores and skills might go down a little bit, but...learning is something that is happening all the time...The kinds of learning that parents do with kids, the ways that parents can help kids to focus and listen, those are the types of things that I think help them more in school."

You can listen to the full segment here on WBEZ Chicago's website.

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