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FALL 2011

Penelope Peterson


Dear Friends,

Founded in 1850 to serve the people of the Northwest Territory, Northwestern University embodies the spirit of those early pioneers who first settled the river valleys of Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. This frontier spirit has continued over the years.

Eschewing the prevailing two-year teacher training programs of that time, in April 1926, Northwestern’s trustees established the School of Education as a separate administrative unit of the University authorized to award the four-year degree of Bachelor of Science in Education.

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  • In this issue: Breaking Barriers, Making History

    In this issue: Breaking Barriers, Making History

    Twenty-five years ago, the School of Education became the School of Education and Social Policy. SESP is celebrating that anniversary with this issue of Inquiry.

  • 25 Years of Breakthroughs The History of SESP
    25 Years of Breakthroughs … The History of SESP

    "The small school that thinks big" is what undergraduates began calling SESP a few years ago. That catchphrase captures the bold and innovative spirit of the smallest school at Northwestern — and the smallest school of education in the top 10 nationwide.
    Today’s undergraduates weren’t even born yet in 1986 when the School of Education thought big enough to become the School of Education and Social Policy — the first in the nation.

  • Where Are They Now?
    Where Are They Now?

    5 trailblazing alumni describe their achievements as you will - "breaking the mold," "thinking outside the box" or simply "innovative" - the following five alumni are part of SESP's tradition of fostering inventive approaches to improving people's lives. In honor of SESP’s 25th anniversary, we asked these high-profile professionals, representing SESP’s five undergraduate majors over the past 25 years, to describe their jobs and the ways that SESP influenced them.

  • Gifted education at the head of the class
    Gifted Education at the Head of the Class

    A typical Saturday morning is actually quite extraordinary at the Center for Talent Development’s Saturday Enrichment Program.
    Dozens of classrooms across Northwestern University's Evanston campus are brimming with students riveted to educational activities that cater to the needs of gifted children.