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BSM = Bienen School of Music; KSM = Kellogg School of Management; WCAS = Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

* Member of the Henry and Emma Rogers Society, which honors those who have made estate or deferred gift commitments to Northwestern.

The Learning Society

The Learning Society
Photo by Tom Bluett

The Learning Society consists of alumni and friends whose leadership and generosity provide vital support to the School of Education and Social Policy.

The following alumni and friends made gifts to the School during fiscal year 2009 (September 1, 2008 – August 31, 2009).


$10,000 or more

Anonymous (2)

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Eleanor R. Baldwin (MS66)*

Baldwin Family Foundation Trust

The Boeing Company

Larry D. and Deborah Hartsough Brady*

The Chicago Community Trust

Louis Raymond and Karen M. Cimino (Parents)

Christopher B. and Courtney Ivy Combe (Parents)

David P. and Katherine Pierson Crosby (BS62)

Edison Venture Fund

Gerald F. and Marjorie Gosselin Fitzgerald (BS49)*

Robert S. French (MS53)*

Estate of Marvelle Herbster

Marten S. and Valerie Hoekstra (Parents)

Inquire Learning, LLC

Ray B. Loeschner (MS57, PhD62) and Nancy J. Loeschner

Margaret & William Maloney Family Foundation

Muneer A. Satter and Kristen H. Hertel (BS86)

Satter Foundation

D. Gideon Searle

Nancy S. Searle

The Searle Funds at the Chicago Community Trust

SESP Class of 2010 Family

Estate of Barbara Arnold Thomas (BS50)


$5,000 – $9,999


Wayne L. Ambroze, Jr.

George H. and Nancy Lindberg Bodeen (BS52)

Nancy and George Bodeen Family Foundation

Kathe Kramer Chase (BS85)

Fidelity Investment Charitable Gift Fund

Robert V. Fitzsimmons

Lee H. and Ellis Kurtz Gery (BS61)

Thomas Z. Hayward, Jr. and Sally Madden Hayward (BS61)

Diane Schaefer Humphrey (BS56)*

Charles A. Lewis and Penny Bender Sebring (PhD85)

Lewis-Sebring Family Foundation

Lee M. and Barbara Anderson Mitchell

Alexander I. Rorke and Elizabeth J. Sturgeon

Patrick G. Ryan, Jr.

Charles F. and Julie McFetridge Sansone (BS62)

Robin Wise Sheperd (WCAS96, MS99)

William Myung Yoon


$2,500 – $4,999

Dayton Foundation Depository, Inc.

Jan S. Half (BS75)

Alan J. and Lillian Mushabec Hecht (BS78)

Carol Wilkinson Keenan (BS59)*

Peter Lehman (BS98) and Mary Tully Lehman

Gordon T. Levering (BS60) and Judy Ade Levering

Steven W. and Judith Zunamon Lewis (BSM82, MS87)

New Prospect Foundation

Barbara Nichols O'Hara (BS63)*

Richard M. Rieser Jr. and Susan Gecht Rieser (BS70)

Family and Friends in Memory of Adam Roux

Insight Circle

$1,000 – $2,499

Anonymous (2)

Cinda Russell Axley (BS66)

Axley Family Foundation

Jana Cohen Barbe

Andrew Ian Bartley and Jill Herscot (BS89)

Thomas P. Bleck and Laura S. Friedland

Kemery Bloom

Edith Howard Bostic (BS74)

Edith H. & James E. Bostic, Jr. Family Foundation

J. Michael and Laurel Gottschalk Collver (BS68)

Suzanne M. Courtheoux

Julie M. Danis (BS77)

Alan C. Davis

In Memory of Ann Norton Davis (BS61)

Michael and Julie Dilick

Frank Fehle and Colette Elliott-Fehle

Candace Cole Figa (BS73)

Donald E. and Julie Van Dusen Gardner (BS60)*

Michael J. Gottlieb

Estate of Janet Laffey Hastings (BS55)

Margaret M. Hastings (PhD75)

Alice Bourke Hayes

John J. Hermanek (BS97, KSM04)

Arthur J. Hill

Robert J. and Jennifer Friedman Hillis (Parents)

Jennifer Friedman Hillis Foundation

Thomas D. and Mary Ann BonDurant Hodgkins (BS58)*

Valerie Hoffman-Hatcher (BS62)

Houston Jewish Community Foundation

Robert F. Hugi (BS80) and Claire Tolf Hugi (BS80)

James F. and Colleen Karavites Karr (BS48)

Norman A. and Bernice Johnson Koglin (BS52)

Henry L. Kohn, Jr. and Carol Anspach Kohn (MS82)

Keith D. Lewis (BS85) and Mary Lewis

David F. and Joan Jackson Martin (BS69)

Donald J. Miedema (BS49, MS52, PhD62)

Virginia Carroll Mills (PhD95)

Mills Charitable Foundation

Brian B. Musso (BS98) and Heather Headley Musso

Patricia McIntyre Nelson (BS59)

Arthur C. Nielsen III and Sheila Nielsen

Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr. Family Charitable Trust

D. Eugene and Bonnie Weidman Nugent (BS49)

Gerald and Patricia Olszewski (Parents)

Donald S. and Jane Phillips Perkins*

Mary Jo Potter (MS73)

Morteza A. and Carol Hawkins Rahimi

Wendy Fenstermacher Robin (BS70)*

John W. and Gwendolyn D. Rogers (PhD80)

George L. and June Hetler Romine (BS67)

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Roux

Leslie A. Salley

Steve and Karen Ogren Sanger (MS69)

Sanger Family Foundation

Gordon C. and Anne Nelson Scott

David and Patricia Walton Silver (BS68)

Joseph T. and Jamie Genrich Steuer (BS53)

Eugene S. and Hollis Leach Sunshine

Martha Smith Symonds (BS57)*

Kenneth R. and Margaret Newell Talle (BS67)

John R. (BS60) and Elizabeth Jung Talley (BS60)

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Wayne D. Watson (BS69, MS70, PhD72)

Julia Weinstein (MS87)

Linda and Payson S. Wild, Jr. (MA71)