Inquiry Magazine Northwestern School of Education and Social Policy

Fall 2017

Dean David Figlio


Dear Friends,

On Twitter and Instagram, the School of Education and Social Policy (SESP) community has embraced the hashtag #SESPlove. Those who spend some time around SESP understand why. Part of it reflects the school’s personal, family feeling. But it also involves our shared mission: Our students, faculty, and staff are motivated to make life better, whether we focus on the individual, family, organization, or country. We dedicate our teaching, research, creative work, and service to this goal.

As I begin my tenth year as a SESP faculty member and first year as dean, I’ve been reflecting on why I love SESP so much. Like so many others, I love our community, what we do, and why we do it. I also love the special ways we combine education AND social policy, because I’m convinced that this increases our societal impact.

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  • School of Education and Social Policy

    In this issue: The Corner of Education and Social Policy

  • Teaching Slow thinking
    Teaching Slow Thinking

    SESP researchers use lessons from education and learning research to address policy issues of juvenile crime, criminality, and its consequences.

  • Combining Forces
    Combining Forces

    Social and education policy researchers and learning scientists team up with Evanston school leaders to help solve local education problems with national implications for policy and practice.

  • Education and Social Policy in One Houses
    Education and Social Policy in One House

    Improving the Education System by Implementing Policies that Connect Learning and Policymaking