Research Data Analyst

Research Data Analyst

The Center for Education Efficacy, Excellence, and Equity (E4) is partnering with Curriculum Associates (CA), a leading-edge online education company, to address educational excellence and equity through the development of an innovative research/practice partnership geared to produce evidence to improve outcomes for students with the greatest needs, especially given the impact of Covid-19. This unique partnership brings together SESP researchers and CA, which works with schools and districts nationwide, to explore important research questions on student learning, with access to data and information on millions of children in our nation’s public schools who use their interventions and tools to improve learning outcomes. Through this collaboration SESP education and social science researchers -- along with graduate students, undergraduates, and the data analyst -- will explore research questions and projects that have the potential to significantly improve teaching, learning, and student outcomes. The research agenda and subsequent projects will be developed collaboratively by Center partners on issues such as, but not limited to, how schools teach literacy and mathematics, fade-out effects of certain interventions, how schools operate as organizations, and how schools can effectively address the summer ‘slide’ of performance. Given the Covid crisis, numerous immediate questions also emerge, including how to help students make up and accelerate their missed learning opportunities. The 4E Center will also equally invest in impact and dissemination through the development of usable knowledge to assist educators and decision makers in their work.

The data analyst provides expertise in data management, quality assurance, analysis and reporting. Establishes data accuracy and validity derived from a variety of systems. Performs data analysis using statistical techniques. Researches and analyzes information using multiple databases and creates reports of data and results. Responsible for maintaining confidential databases at Northwestern and preparing anonymized extracts for Northwestern researchers for approved projects. This position offers opportunities to work with leading education and social policy researchers and practitioners.

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