Research Study Coordinator

Research Study Coordinator

The Research Study Coordinator provides data administration and analytic support for SESP’s Center for Education Efficacy, Excellence, and Equity (E4) and SESP’s Office of Community Education Partnerships (OCEP). This position is responsible for data management, quality assurance, analysis and reporting. This will involve accessing databases from multiple sources; organizing and maintaining confidential databases at Northwestern; establishing accuracy and validity for data derived from a variety of systems; preparing anonymized extracts for approved projects; and creating reports of data and results. This position offers opportunities to work with leading education and social policy researchers and practitioners. 

The Center for Education Efficacy, Excellence, and Equity (E4) is partnering with Curriculum Associates (CA), a leading-edge online education company, to address educational excellence and equity through the development of an innovative research/practice partnership geared to produce evidence to improve outcomes for students with the greatest needs, especially given the impact of Covid-19.  This unique partnership brings together SESP researchers and CA to explore important research questions on student learning, with access to data and information on millions of children in our nation’s public schools who use their interventions and tools to improve learning outcomes. 

The Office of Community Education Partnerships (OCEP) creates initiatives and partnerships that advance equity in learning and positively impact our home communities of Evanston, Chicago, and beyond. This position is part of a research-practice partnership core team that serves OCEP’s collaborative research efforts. Staff and faculty involved in this work engage with youth-serving organizations including local public school districts, parks departments, and other corporate, civic, and community-based organizations to advance mutually-developed goals around education research and practice.

Through this collaboration SESP education and social science researchers -- along with graduate students, undergraduates, and the research study coordinator -- will explore research questions and projects that have the potential to significantly improve teaching, learning, and student outcomes. The research agenda and subsequent projects will be developed collaboratively by Center partners on issues such as, but not limited to, how schools teach literacy and mathematics, fade-out effects of certain interventions, how schools operate as organizations, and how schools can effectively address the summer ‘slide’ of performance. Given the Covid crisis, numerous immediate questions also emerge, including how to help students make up and accelerate their missed learning opportunities. The E4 Center will also equally invest in impact and dissemination through the development of usable knowledge to assist educators and decision makers in their work.

Job Summary:

Coordinates collection, analysis, processing & reporting of data & assists E4 Center Director and collaborating researchers Principal Investigator (PI) in judging the validity of test data obtained from Curriculum Associates, an online education company in regard to biomedical &/or social-behavioral education research study(ies) of limited complexity involving co-investigators, multiple campuses &/or universities. Completes all activities by strictly following current local, state and federal laws, regulations, guidance, policy and procedure developed by the NU Institutional Review Board (IRB ) and appropriate local, state and federal authorities that govern research activities.

Specific Responsibilities:


  • Participates in the planning & conduct of research studies study using Curriculum Associates data and potentially including participant recruitment and retention.
  • Obtains informed consent when necessary from partnering school districts
  • Collects, compiles, tabulates & processes data provided by Curriculum Associates
  • Gathers information. 
  • Extracts & analyzes data from the Curriculum Associates data base and data provided by participating school districts


  • Collects, records, reviews & summarizes research data.
  • Collates relevant mathematical results & prepares tables, charts & graphs reflecting relationships of multiple tests.  
  • Prepares reports for investigators and sponsors on pertinent study data.
  • Writes portions of grant applications & co-author scientific papers. 
  • Completes documents associated with current local, state, & federal regulatory guidelines, requirements, laws & research protocols.


  • May process payments for research participants per study protocol. 
  • Works with industry representatives to negotiate tentative grant funding. 
  • Coordinates reimbursements for expert panel travel, consultant pay, additional gift card orders, etc. & ensure costs remain within allotted grant budget. 


  • May provide work direction &/or train other research staff.


  • Performs other duties as assigned.


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