Camillia Matuk Organizes Campus Darwin Exhibit

Camillia Matuk Organizes Campus Darwin Exhibit

As a Darwin Fellow with the One Book One Northwestern initiative, learning sciences doctoral student Camillia Matuk is organizing a campus-wide exhibit in honor of Charles Darwin's birthday on February 12. One Book One Northwestern invites all artists, scientists and programmers to submit entries for the exhibit on Darwin and evolution, which will be held at Norris Center.

"The intention of this exhibit is to showcase the many ways that Darwin's ideas have inspired such a variety of branches of creative thought — not just in the biological sciences, but also in art, music, computing, education and research," says Matuk. "We're getting some very exciting entries already."

Matuk adds, "I also hope this exhibit will bring the Northwestern community together toward a common endeavor and really highlight how pervasive and fundamental Darwin's ideas are across all disciplines, both in aesthetic and intellectual ways. Personally, I have a particular interest in this exhibit since my own background includes both art and biology, and my current research involves the public's understanding of evolution from visual representations and multimedia."

Submitted pieces should be related to Darwin or evolution and should be of suitable display size. Items may include paintings, political cartoons, scientific visualizations, computer simulations and educational software.

Cash prizes will be awarded. Submissions may be made by contacting Matuk at by February 6 with a photo of the work.

Matuk, who is serving on the committee planning the events for Darwin's birthday, came up with the idea of an exhibit to complement the "music with an evolution theme" competition and performance that will take place on February 12.

The One Book One Northwestern project is a community-wide reading program hosted by the Office of the President at Northwestern University. It aims to bring together individuals with different backgrounds to share and discuss a common topic. To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birthday and the 150th anniversary of his famous study, On the Origin of Species, this year's book is David Quammen's The Reluctant Mr. Darwin.

Above: This drawing by art student Mary Jo Madda is one of the pieces that will appear in the Darwin exhibit on Febuary 12.

By Marilyn Sherman
Last Modified: 11/10/09