Senior Megan Luczak Receives Rotary Scholarship

Senior Megan Luczak Receives Rotary Scholarship

Megan Luczak

Megan Luczak, a senior in social policy, has received a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to study in Spain. She will enroll in the Master's of Public Policy and Social Services program at Universidad de Salamanca in Salamanca.

She intends to focus on education policy and implementing an education-related service project in a school district in Salamanca in conjunction with the local Rotary Club of Salamanca.

“I applied for the Rotary Scholarship because of my passion for the Spanish language and my desire to study education policy from an international perspective. I wanted to pursue a degree in public policy, specifically focusing on education policy,” she says. Luczak is also interested in becoming fluent in Spanish, a goal she think can best be met by continuing her studies abroad. “I decided that I wanted to combine my interests in policy, language and travel,” she adds. 

The scholarship often allows students to create and implement a service project. “I hope to implement an education-related volunteer project in a poor school in Salamanca that will leave a lasting impact on the community upon completion of my scholarship year,” she says.

“SESP prepared me for the Rotary Scholarship by giving me the freedom to explore my passions,” Luczak says. “The wide variety of courses that students can take to fulfill degree requirements enabled me to take classes in a number of disciplines, including policy, education, sociology, psychology, political science, among others, which led to the discovery of my interest in education and the inequality among different socioeconomic groups. SESP has given me a broad-based curriculum that has prepared me to look at a number of different policy fields and analyze their impact on different social groups — a perspective that will undoubtedly help me in my studies of public policy,” Luczak says.

Luczak’s scholarship year will follow up her participation in the Study Abroad Research Program, through which she received a grant to conduct a project on access to higher education in Argentina. Last fall while she was studying abroad for a second semester in Buenos Aires, she conducted an independent research project focusing on two high secondary schools in Argentina and access of students to free higher education at public universities. “Through my research, I gained a sense of the barriers students face in accessing higher education as well as studied the relationship between parents’ education level and SES and their student's educational goals,” she says.

On campus, Luczak is a member of the women's ultimate frisbee team, Gungho, a club sports team that is currently ranked 13th in the country. She is also involved in Delta Zeta sorority, has participated in the America Reads volunteer program and plays intramural softball and frisbee. 

By Marilyn Sherman
Last Modified: 6/8/11