SESP Welcomes 171 New Students as School Year Begins

SESP Welcomes 171 New Students as School Year Begins

SESP freshman dinner 2011
The School of Education and Social Policy welcomes 42 new freshmen and 129 new graduate students this fall. Even before classes started, new students were busy with orientation activities, and the entire SESP community is invited to an all-school ice cream social on September 22.

The new freshmen, who participated in a week of orientation from September 12 to 19 called Wildcat Welcome, are part of an incoming class that distinguishes Northwestern as an indisputably “hot” university. This year Northwestern showed a record one-year jump in yield for the Class of 2015, following a record number of applications. Northwestern’s yield (percentage of admitted students who actually enroll) was 38.7 percent this year, up from 33.4 percent last year, and 30.9 percent two years ago.

SESP freshman dinner 2011

Laura Robinson, associate director of admission for Northwestern University, notices a compelling reason for incoming students to choose SESP. “Given the current condition of the world, students want to be a part of an academic community that brings about change, making the School of Education and Social Policy a top choice for young adults who want to make a difference,” she says.

Of the four concentrations for SESP undergraduates, human development and psychological services was the most widely selected by the Class of 2015. Twelve freshmen opted for that concentration, compared with 11 for learning and organizational change, nine for secondary teaching and six for social policy. Four freshmen are undecided.

A highlight of the welcome week for SESP freshmen was an outdoor dinner at the home of Dean Penelope Peterson on September 19, when new students met several of the School’s faculty members. The schedule of SESP Wildcat Welcome activities also included a convocation, individual advising, registration, tours and group meetings. Freshmen met with their academic advisers as well as peer advisers, nine upperclass volunteers selected for their leadership abilities. The SESP peer advisers for 2011 are Alexis Harrell, Anneke Hoekstra, Nadia Ahmed, Jack Chen, Katherine Mattux, Janet Brown, Krysta Smith, Alexander Tomiak and Jamie Valente.

SESP freshman dinner 2011
SESP graduate programs also hosted kickoff and orientation events in the opening weeks. The Human Development and Social Policy doctoral program is welcoming five new students this fall. Orientation activities on September 16 included a session on student perspectives where current students shared their tips and advice, as well as an IT session and meetings with advisers.

The Learning Sciences graduate program greeted six new master’s students and five new doctoral students with an orientation on September 15 and 16. Activities included a panel discussion, poster session, mentor meeting and dinner. The entire Learning Sciences community gathered for a barbecue on September 18 at the home of professor Reed Stevens.

The Master of Science in Learning and Organizational Change (MSLOC) program has 33 new students, 13 who joined the program in spring and 20 who joined this fall. The MSLOC program held its annual retreat from September 9 to 11 to kick off the year for incoming students. The Master of Science in Education program’s 50 new students had orientation from on September 19 at Annenberg Hall, and an informal welcome party will be held on September 30 at the home of Sophie Haroutunian-Gordon, director of the program.

Starting this fall, the Higher Education Administration and Policy program, which welcomes 30 new students, is an independent master’s program with its own degree. In the past, Higher Education had been a concentration within the Master of Science in Education program.

On September 22 the entire SESP community will come together for a social event. All SESP students and faculty members are invited to an All-SESP Ice Cream Social from 3 to 4 p.m. The welcome-back event is co-sponsored by SESP’s student organization, Promote 360, which is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of minority and under-represented students.

SESP freshmen in the Class of 2015 enjoy dinner with faculty at the home of Dean Penelope Peterson.

By Marilyn Sherman
Last Modified: 9/22/11