Maggie Daley Connected to SESP through After School Matters

Maggie Daley Connected to SESP through After School Matters

Bart Hirsch with Maggie Daley
There has been a tremendous outpouring of grief and affection for Maggie Daley, who died on November 24 after a long battle with cancer. She was well known as the co-founder and champion of After School Matters, an educational and career-building after-school program for Chicago teenagers, and SESP has a special connection to the wife of the former mayor in that professor Barton Hirsch led a major three-year study of After School Matters. He describes her as “a gracious person” dedicated to the youth of Chicago. 

As chair of the Board of Directors for After School Matters, which serves 17,000 students, Maggie Daley approved Northwestern University’s continued evaluation of the program. “It was a big decision with some risk to it,” Hirsch notes.

“After School Matters was her main commitment in the public sphere,” Hirsch explains, recalling how involved she was in overseeing the program's strategy and operation.

As evidence of her devotion to the program, Hirsch recalled how she attended two sessions for human resources professionals who donated their time to assist the researchers in studying how to prepare teens for job interviews.

“She had a genuine interest in understanding how well prepared the teens of Chicago were for jobs and wanted to know as much as possible,” says Hirsch. “She was very accomplished, very gracious and warm, and a commanding presence.”

“She took me aside and told me that anything we could do to improve the program and help young people out would be terrific.”

A year and a half ago, Northwestern University dedicated the Maggie Daley Center for Women's Cancer Care in her honor.

Professor Barton Hirsch talks with Maggie Daley at a session for human resources professionals who assisted in After School Matters research. From left to right: Barton Hirsch, Maggie Daley, After School Matters Executive Director David Sinski, SESP doctoral student Megan Mekinda and Northwestern research assistant Christy Serrano.  

Photos by April Faith-Slaker

By Marilyn Sherman
Last Modified: 11/29/11