James Rosenbaum’s Research Helps Steer Colleges

James Rosenbaum’s Research Helps Steer Colleges

New Community College

Research by professor James Rosenbaum is having impact well beyond the confines of academia. His work is evident in a new community college in New York, as well as a nationwide movement to increase college completion rates.

The City University of New York designed its New Community College based on ideas in Rosenbaum’s award-winning book After Admission, co-authored with Ann Person (PhD07) and Regina Deil-Amen. This book reports the success of for-profit colleges with techniques including a supportive environment, careful advising and structured plans to keep students on track. Rosenbaum is a member of the advisory council for the New Community College.

A national reform organization called Complete College America is also relying on Rosenbaum’s research to meet its goals. So far, the organization has enlisted 29 U.S. governors to pursue policies for improving college completion, and Rosenbaum has presented at two of the organization’s conferences for state policymakers. Higher education officials and staff from the governors’ offices learned of Rosenbaum’s research findings on strategies that support college completion, such as ensuring college readiness and developing pathways into the labor market.

When the City University of New York (CUNY) set out to create a new two-year college, Rosenbaum offered innovative ideas based on his studies of for-profit and nonprofit community colleges. “James Rosenbaum shook us up with his thinking about successful proprietary colleges — places that we would have quickly dismissed if not for his research,” CUNY senior dean of academic affairs John Mogulescu reported at the time.

In addition to his work with CUNY and Complete College America, Rosenbaum is also serving on a national committee to examine the Pell Grant program for the College Board, and he is continuing his investigations into how high school policies and programs affect the transition to college.

A specialist in research on work, education and housing opportunities, Rosenbaum has published five books and numerous articles on the subjects of housing, the school to work transition and community colleges. He has testified before Congressional committees on several occasions and serves as an adviser for several national programs. He is a professor in the Human Development and Social Policy program as well as a faculty fellow at the Institute for Policy Research.

By Marilyn Sherman
Last Modified: 10/1/13