Student Affairs Office Invites Student Photos, Tweets for Video Wall

Student Affairs Office Invites Student Photos, Tweets for Video Wall

Student Affairs Office Video Wall

The video wall in the Student Affairs Office now gives SESP students a new way to interact and build community through social media. It’s the newest innovation in the Student Affairs Office, which was revamped in 2012 as a high-tech, student-centered space.

“It will be really exciting for students to make the space their own. It’s one more way to reinforce the feeling of community at SESP,” says assistant dean of student affairs Susan Olson.

Social media streams on the video wall highlight student photos, a student Twitter feed and campus event listings that students submit. All are student-focused and student-driven.

In addition, student news on the video screens keeps undergraduates and graduate students up to date with current student happenings and achievements. When students visit the office, they see what’s trending at SESP.

Students are encouraged to contribute content for the video screens in three ways:

  • Use Instagram to send photos to the screen instantaneously.
  • Post tweets by tagging them with certain hashtags such as #sesplove.
  • Add events by tweeting them to #sespevents.

Students are encouraged to follow SESP on Twitter @nu_sesp, as well as on Facebook. Tweets tagged with #sesplove and other posted hashtags will appear on the video wall. Senior Erica McLin is the student coordinator for the undergraduate Twitter account.

At a focus group meeting in January, SESP undergraduates helped to shape plans for the video wall. Freshman Connor Regan, one of the participants, says, “I really love the renovated Student Affairs Office and think that it's a fantastic place for students to gather, talk to advisers, get candy, and (especially now) get exciting news and information about events going on in SESP.”  

“I think that SESP is really leading the way for other schools and colleges at NU in terms of social media and engagement with its students. It really helps foster the close-knit family feeling that makes SESP special. I'm also excited to be able to use the new office, and specifically the social media wall, to get information about upcoming events, see updates from my fellow students and see photos from around campus.

By Marilyn Sherman
Last Modified: 2/5/14