Senior Melissa Brown Wins Campus Life Award

Senior Melissa Brown Wins Campus Life Award

Melissa Brown

The Division of Student Affairs honored senior Melissa Brown, the president of National Pan-Hellenic Council, with a Campus Life Award for winter quarter 2013. The award recognizes students who have significantly contributed to quality of student life and who represent positive student engagement at Northwestern. 

“This award seeks to recognize students who have impacted our community through program development and implementation, bridging cultural differences, or whom have taken responsibility for and worked collectively with others, to create a more engaged and inclusive campus community,” says Burgwell Howard, assistant vice-president of student engagement.

Brown was recognized because of her “leadership and selfless efforts on behalf of the Greek community.” She stepped forward at a time of leadership transition to serve as president of the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) Executive Board at Northwestern.

Her nominator says Brown's efforts as president have already had an impact, as she has challenged peers and advisers “to think in new ways, and help the council move forward in a positive manner.” The nominator describes Brown as “truly more than just a team player,” as someone who is “optimistic, a critical thinker, and one who appreciates challenge.”

A social policy major, Brown first became involved with NPHC when she joined Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, one of the seven fraternities and sororities represented within the NPHC at Northwestern. Through her involvement with her chapter, she became the NPHC liaison, attending general meetings as a voting delegate. In fall 2012 she gained the role of secretary of NPHC.

“Because historically Black Greek letter organizations often have a small presence or predominantly White campuses, there was a vacancy in the position of president at the end of my term in November that needed to be filled until someone who will be returning in the fall of 2013 could take the position,” Brown explains. “As secretary, I stepped up to fulfilling this position not only because it needed to be done, but because I have a deep passion for inter-council and cross-council unity and for the creation of thriving communities within any population of individuals. I believe that with ‘great’ communities, people will flourish.”

“This is how I relate my work outside of SESP back to my base within it. It was here that I realized that what I want most is to dedicate my time to forging partnerships and aligning interests to achieving common goals. Whether that work manifests itself through a career in the private sector promoting social responsibility or in the government promoting community development and urban policy, I think that my journey will lead me to making some impact on the world. That's all I can hope as I look forward to the future,” she says.

Other winners of the Campus Life Award for winter quarter 2013 are Michael Fernandez, Jeremy Friedman, Andrew Brugman, Haley Arterburn and Oliver Ortega. 

By Marilyn Sherman
Last Modified: 3/21/13