Madeline Aden (BS13) Named Urban Prep Fellow

Madeline Aden (BS13) Named Urban Prep Fellow

Madeline Aden

Madeline Aden, who graduated from SESP in June, won an Urban Prep Fellowship for teaching and mentoring with Urban Prep Academies. Urban Prep operates schools providing high-quality and comprehensive college-preparatory education to young men in high-needs communities in Chicago.

According to the nonprofit, its fellows program brings exceptional recent college graduates to serve full-time in a unique role as in-school mentors, tutors and advocates for students. Fellows receive housing and stipends.

“I chose to apply for the Urban Prep Fellows Program because the fellowship best fit my interests. I knew I wanted to do a teaching fellowship next year, but did not feel I was qualified nor excited about being a teacher in the traditional sense. The Urban Prep Fellows Program emphasizes tutoring and mentorship in a comprehensive approach to teaching, which excited me,” says Aden. 

Working intensively with a small number of students, Aden will focus on the students’ academic achievement. “I am excited about working with only 25 students the whole year. I hope to build strong relationships with my students that will help them be successful at Urban Prep and afterwards.”  

As an Urban Prep Fellow, each day she will lead six "tutorials" – short 45-minute lessons in a humanities-based life skills curriculum — with approximately four students. Urban Prep is committed to this approach as a way to increase the personal attention that students receive, and in turn increase student engagement and success in school. Informal discussion, conferences and after-school tutoring supplement this teaching.

Aden anticipates that the fellowship will help her to clarify the role she would like to have in education in the future. She notes that the fellowship directly relates to classes she has taken for her major in social policy, particularly Education Policy, taught by professor Jim Rosenbaum. “That course inspired me to pursue the opportunity at Urban Prep,” she says.

At Northwestern, Aden, who majored in social policy, served as an undergraduate research assistant for associate professor Jon Guryan, working on projects related to fair lending policy and residential racial and income segregation. She graduated summa cum laude from the School of Education and Social Policy.

By Marilyn Sherman
Last Modified: 6/28/13