David Figlio Visits Munich to Promote Research Network, Share Education Expertise

David Figlio Visits Munich to Promote Research Network, Share Education Expertise

David Figlio

Munich was a destination for David Figlio twice this fall as he furthered his work to strengthen education research and improve education. Global initiatives are a priority for the School of Education and Social Policy to extend its resources and address critical issues worldwide. 

In September Figlio traveled to Munich to participate in a meeting of the CESifo network on the economics of education. This global network is based at the University of Munich.

Figlio is a founding member of the network, which aims to strengthen research on the economics of education by increasing interaction among researchers in Europe and the United States.

In October Figlio was an invited speaker about online education at a conference on information and communication technologies hosted by Ludwig-Maximilans Universitat in Munich. Figlio discussed “Is It Live or Is It Internet? Experimental Estimates of the Effects of Online Instruction on Student Learning,” based on his research into whether students learn more from video instruction or live instruction.

His experimental study found that video instruction may fall short, especially for certain students. Students who watched video lectures instead of live lectures performed slightly worse in an introductory economics course. These results were particularly strong for Hispanic students, male students and lower-achieving students. Figlio reported this research, completed with Mark Rush and Yu Lin of the University of Florida, through the National Bureau of Economic Research, where he is a faculty fellow.

Figlio is the Orrington Lunt Professor of Education and Social Policy, director of the Institute for Policy Research, and professor of Human Development and Social Policy at Northwestern University. His research on education and social policy, including influential work on school accountability, standards, welfare policy, and policy design, has been published in numerous leading journals. He has served on numerous national education task forces and panels, and has advised several U.S. states and nations on five continents on the design, implementation and evaluation of education policy.

By Marilyn Sherman
Last Modified: 11/19/13