Tim Dohrer Named to Advisory Boards for Education Organizations

Tim Dohrer Named to Advisory Boards for Education Organizations

Tim Dohrer

Through two new board appointments, Timothy Dohrer, director of the Master of Science in Education program, will share his expertise on education with organizations across the region. He will also address Illinois principals at a state convention this month.

Illinois State Superintendent of Education Christopher Koch nominated Dohrer to the Midwest Comprehensive Center advisory board for a five-year term. This board advises the Midwest Comprehensive Center and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) regarding education policy. The 15 members of the advisory board are from Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The Midwest Comprehensive Center (MCC) provides technical assistance to these states’ education agencies in an effort to support districts and schools in preparing students for college or a career. MCC is an arm of the American Institutes for Research, one of the world’s largest behavioral and social science research organizations. "One of the areas of focus for ISBE is teacher recruitment, preparation and retention. I am eager to explore ways the state can improve in these areas," Dohrer says.

Dohrer has also been invited to join the Family Action Network (FAN) advisory board. FAN is a community education organization that works with parents and educators of Chicago’s northern suburbs to provide educational programming that positively impacts the community. "FAN is an incredible grassroots organization that brings important researchers and authors to educators and parents,” says Dohrer, who notes that prominent speakers have included Howard Gardner, Brene Brown and Daniel Goleman.

In addition, Dohrer will bring his expertise to the Illinois Principals Association conference in Peoria on October 22. There he will present a workshop entitled SEL 101 about social and emotional learning (SEL). He will give participants an overview of social and emotional learning as well as the Illinois Learning Standards for SEL.

"Although the SEL standards have been in place since 2004, most principals and administrators don't understand them or feel confident implementing the standards. This presentation will give them a very basic introduction to social and emotional learning," Dohrer notes.

Dohrer, who oversees the teacher education graduate program at the School of Education and Social Policy, is the former principal of New Trier Township High School in Winnetka, Illinois. In a career spanning more than 20 years, Dohrer has taught middle school, high school and college students in rural, urban and suburban settings and served as a long-term New Trier administrator and teacher. He has a PhD in curriculum and instruction from Pennsylvania State University.

By Marilyn Sherman
Last Modified: 10/10/13