December 2013 News Stories

December 2013 News Stories

  • PBS Reports Jon Guryan's Research on Effectiveness of Prize-Linked Savings
    PBS reports on prize-linked savings, meant to remedy America’s dismal savings rate by offering savers a chance to win prizes. Associate professor Jon Guryan's research finds more deposits, and more savings, if a lottery or prize is linked to savings. A Congressional bill could make prize-linked savings accounts more widely available.

  • Northwestern Academy to Expand Access for Chicago Public Schools Students to Top Colleges
    Northwestern University and the City of Chicago announced a new program to help Chicago Public School (CPS) students prepare for and gain admittance to selective colleges and universities. The Northwestern Academy is designed to help CPS high school students who are academically talented and qualify for the free or reduced lunch program with supplemental educational opportunities and support services to prepare them for highly selective colleges and universities.

  • Susan Lloyd (MA92, PhD96) Improves Milwaukee through Neighborhoods
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel profiles Susan Lloyd, a graduate of the Human Development and Social Policy program. As executive director of the Zilber Family Foundation, Lloyd leads the 10-year, $50 million Zilber Neighborhood Initiative, aimed at revitalizing some of Milwaukee's poorest neighborhoods. Previously she had been a director at the MacArthur Foundation in Chicago.

  • Michael Wolf Highlights Ways to Improve Health Literacy at Sydney Conference
    As the keynote speaker at an International Health Literacy Network conference held recently at the University of Sydney, professor Michael Wolf (MA07) said the basic goal is "to confuse patients less," according to the Croakey health blog.

  • ABC7 News Announces Northwestern Academy for Chicago Public Schools Students
    ABC7 News announces a new agreement between the City of Chicago and Northwestern University that "is expected to provide a big academic boost for low-income students." The new Northwestern Academy program will help Chicago Public School (CPS) students prepare for and gain admittance to selective colleges and universities.

  • Chicago Tribune Reports Northwestern Academy Will Prepare Chicago Public Schools Students for Northwestern
    The Chicago Tribune reports that Northwestern Academy will provide year-round tutoring, college counseling, test preparation, family workshops and other services during high school to 200 Chicago Public Schools students. Northwestern wants the program to pave the way for more CPS students at the University.

  • New York Times Quotes David Figlio on Impact of Adjunct Instructors
    The New York Times reports on a study by professors David Figlio and Morton Schapiro finding that freshmen at Northwestern University who took their first courses in a discipline from nontenured faculty learned more than those who took the introductory courses from tenured professors. Since at Northwestern adjuncts usually work full-time, Figlio says the study provides evidence that what matters for students is full-time teaching status, not tenure.

  • Neal Sales-Griffin (BS09), Co-Founder of Starter League, Named to Crain's 40 under 40 List
    Neal Sales-Griffin (BS09) was named to the 40 under 40 List at Crain's Chicago Business. Sales-Griffin co-founded Starter League, which has taught more than 700 people computer coding since 2011 and trains students at high schools, community colleges and universities.

  • Jim Spillane Initiates Common Core Research Conferences
    Professor James Spillane received a grant from the American Education Research Association (AERA) to plan two conferences on “Policy and Politics of the Common Core.” Conferences will be planned for February and November of 2014.

  • Diane Schanzenbach Tells CBS Food Insecurity Continues to Climb
    Associate professor Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach tells CBS MoneyWatch that food insecurity rates will likely continue to climb, given the benefits cuts. Schanzenbach is the author of a new report for The Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution that states food insecurity has actually increased since 2008, the start of the recession.

  • Sandusky Register Profiles El Da' Sheon Nix (BS04)
    El Da’ Sheon Nix (BS04) worked his way to success in college athletics — then landed a coveted spot as a leader in inner-city Chicago. Currently he is director of program operations at the Beyond Sports Foundation, which provides resources for student-athletes in the Chicago area.

  • CT-STEM Project Teaches Chicago High Schoolers Computational Thinking
    The Office of STEM Education Partnerships offers a curriculum and professional development workshops in computational thinking (CT) for teachers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This CT-STEM initiative, supported by the National Science Foundation, seeks to meet the growing demand in STEM-field careers.

  • Becca Abara, David Harris Win Campus Life Awards
    The Division of Student Affairs honored seniors Becca Abara and David Harris with Campus Life Awards for fall quarter 2013. The award recognizes students who have significantly contributed to the quality of student life and who represent positive student engagement at Northwestern.

  • Kemi Jona Discusses STEM Education Best Practices for Korea
    In an interview with Korean radio station TBS, Kemi Jona, director of the Office of STEM Education Partnerships at Northwestern University, discussed how Korea’s science education can evolve by exploring best practices from other around the world, such as OSEP.

  • Cassandra Geiger Discusses Northwestern Academy on WLS-AM Radio
    Listen to Cassandra Geiger, director of the new Northwestern Academy for Chicago Public Schools, on WLS-AM Chicago radio at 7:58 in the podcast. Geiger is interviewed by John Kass and Lauren Cohn.

  • Cynthia Coburn Discusses Research-Practice Partnerships at Youth Policy Forum
    Professor Cynthia Coburn discussed research-practice partnerships during an American Youth Policy Forum webinar entitled “Research, Policy and Practice: The Role of Intermediaries in Promoting Evidence-Based Decisions” on December 5. Listen to the webinar here.

  • Center for Talent Development Hosts Educator’s Conference January 25
    The Center for Talent Development at Northwestern’s School of Education and Social Policy will present best practices in gifted education at its annual conference for educators on January 25.

  • CBS Reports Diane Schanzenbach's Advice for Improving Food Stamp Program
    A CBS investigation of how to cut food stamp spending "without being Grinchy" cites associate professor Diane Schanzenbach's report for The Hamilton Project. She recommends cutting the nutritional education program, which research has shown to be ineffective, and instead subsidizing the buying of fruits and vegetables.

  • Eileen Canney (BS07) Named to Northwestern Athletic Hall of Fame
    SESP alumna and softball standout Eileen (Canney) Linnehan (BS07) was named to the Northwestern University Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2013. The elite athletes to receive Northwestern's highest athletic honor this year will be formally inducted during Hall of Fame weekend, February 7-8.

  • Michelle Paulsen Invited to Participate in Science Communication Conference
    Because of her expertise in science communication, Michelle Paulsen of the Office of STEM Education Partnerships was invited to participate in a conference hosted by Compass, an organization working to provide communication training for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) graduate students.

  • Brian Reiser Co-Authors National Report for New K-12 Science Assessments
    As a member of a National Research Council committee reviewing U.S. science education for grades K-12, professor Brian Reiser co-authored a report recommending new types of assessments for science. These assessments will be needed to measure student learning once the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are implemented, the report says.

  • Jim Spillane Elected to National Academy of Education
    School of Education and Social Policy professor James Spillane was elected to membership in the National Academy of Education because of his outstanding scholarship related to education. The National Academy, a prestigious organization limited to 200 U.S. members, is dedicated to advancing high-quality education research and its use in policy formulation.

  • Evanston Patch Spotlights Northwestern's International STEM Education
    An article in the Evanston Patch points out the international efforts of the Office of STEM Education Partnerships, some of which involve Evanston Township High School. Korean media have called attention to OSEP's innovative work, including remote online laboratories for science learning.

  • Fast Company Reports Kirabo Jackson's Research on Cash Incentives for Student Test Results
    Fast Company reports associate professor Kirabl Jackson's study of cash incentives for students in the Advanced Placement Incentive Program. He found the program motivates disadvantaged students to take AP classes and do well on them, and it also correlates with these students earning more college degrees and higher incomes over their lifetimes.