12 SESP Students Awarded Undergraduate Internship Grants

12 SESP Students Awarded Undergraduate Internship Grants

Twelve SESP students were awarded grants for their internships this summer through the Summer Internship Grant Program (SIGP): Robert Bourret, Catherine Chung, Isabel Garcia, Brandon Hill, Jenny Kwon, Adriana Lopez, Maria Marquez, Anisa Mian, Hannah Ongman, Gabrielle Parsons, Natalie Sack and Jacqueline Soria. The growing program, which helps students gain professional experience without financial burden, had a record 287 applications this year.

“SIGP is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain experience at a variety of organizations,” says SESP assistant dean of student affairs Susan Olson. Formed in 2007 by the Associated Student Government, Northwestern Alumni Association and University Career Services, the program funds stipends for students completing unpaid summer internships.

Robert Bourret

Robert Bourret, a sophomore majoring in social policy and economics, is interning with Organizing for Action in Chicago. “I'm interning at Organizing for Action this summer because I recognized that working with numerous veterans of the President's hard-fought 2012 re-election campaign was a unique opportunity to learn the best practices of grassroots organizing,” he says.

Catherine Chung

Catherine Chung, a senior in social policy and international studies, is interning with the Center for Forced Migration Studies at Northwestern this summer. Chung says, “NU Center for Forced Migration Studies (CFMS) provides me with the opportunity to understand the political and social dynamics of the refugee situation and provide actual help to asylees and refugees."

Isabel Garcia

Isabel Garcia, a senior majoring in social policy, is a policy intern with the Health and Medicine Policy Research Group in Chicago this summer. “I believe in health care as a human right,” she says. “My internship at The Health and Medicine Policy Research Group provides me with a practical experience to cement this passion into a career plan and training in the multifactorial approaches that will bring health care to all people in Illinois.”

Brandon Hill

Brandon Hill, a senior majoring in social policy, is an intern at the Evanston Art Center. He says, "As an arts administration and marketing intern at the Evanston Art Center, I have the opportunity to help the organization find new donors for their capital campaign while helping build community relations within the Evanston area." 

Jenny Kwon

Jenny Kwon, a senior social policy major, is a summer intern in Washington, D.C., with the American Public Human Services Association. “I wanted to learn how social policies are made, analyzed, implemented and evaluated. I also wanted to understand how local and state agencies function and collaborate to ensure that government programs and services are delivered to individuals most efficiently and effectively. It is also located in Washington, D.C. which is the place to be if you are interested in policies!” says Kwon.

Adriana Lopez

Adriana Lopez, a senior majoring in social policy, is interning with the Center for Companies that Care in Chicago this summer. “I wanted to intern at Center for Companies that Care with the AIM High Program to link my Social Policy academic coursework with practical field experience and learn strategies aimed at connecting more students to greater academic success,” says Lopez.

Maria Marquez

Maria Marquez, a junior in human development and psychological services, is interning with World Relief Chicago Refugee Resettlement in Chicago this summer. “My dream has always been to support communities that are facing the same issues my family and neighbors experienced. World Relief gave me just that — the opportunity to intern with an organization that serves immigrant/refugee communities in the Chicago area,” Marquez says.

Anisa Mian

Anisa Mian, a senior majoring in human development and psychological services, is a volunteer advocate with LIFT-Chicago this summer. Mian says, “I completed my practicum at LIFT-Chicago last quarter and wanted to intern there this summer because of the great experiences I already had as well as my passion for human rights and serving those who face barriers in accessing essential services.”

Hannah Ongman

Hannah Ongman, a senior in human development and psychological services, is a grief counseling intern with Vitas Hospice in Chicago. She says, “I wanted to intern at Vitas Hospice within the bereavement counseling department to acquire a completely new outlook on the range of possibilities for a career in social work or therapy. I am working with incredible people who are passionate about what they do, which also serves as a source of inspiration. I anticipate facing new challenges and opportunities for learning each day!”

Gabrielle Parsons

Gabrielle Parsons, a senior in social policy, is a research assistant with the Foley Longitudinal Study at SESP this summer. “I wanted to intern at the Foley Research Center this summer to gain a new intellectual capacity, and to investigate a topic that's extremely relevant to my life and society: how the context of race affects life narratives and the way individuals view themselves and the world around them,” says Parsons.

Natalie Sack

Natalie Sack, a junior majoring in social policy, is a participant in the summer studio for Design for America in Evanston this summer. Sack says, “I am thrilled to work with Design for America this summer because it empowers me to create positive local and social impact through hands-on user research and human-centered design.”

Jacqueline Soria

Jacqueline Soria, a junior in social policy, is an intern with Charity Navigator (CN) in New Jersey. She says, “I am hoping to explore a potential career option, nonprofit consulting. In line with CN’s mission, I am passionate about ensuring that the most functional, deserving organizations can sustain themselves. I want to ensure that donors feel secure that their money is going to be spent well and make an impact. By directing more people to the most successful organizations, more good work will be accomplished and more people will look at donations not just as charity but as a social investment.” 

Students apply for summer internship grants through the Summer Internship Grant Program, administered by the Division of Student Affairs. The program provides $2,500 grants along with career development workshops.

By Marilyn Sherman
Last Modified: 4/29/15