Megan Bang (PhD09) Receives Awards for Education Research

Megan Bang (PhD09) Receives Awards for Education Research

Megan Bang

Megan Bang (PhD09), a graduate of the SESP Learning Sciences program, is the 2015 recipient of two awards from the American Education Research Association (AERA). She is assistant professor of education at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Bang was selected for the Early Career Award for Division K of AERA, which is the division devoted to teaching and teacher education.  This award is given to a young scholar with exceptional promise and accomplishment as an education researcher in that field.

In addition, Bang is receiving the Bobby Wright Early Career Award for Contributions to Indigenous Education. This award is conferred by the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas special interest group (SIG) of AERA.

Bang’s research aims to improve educational opportunities for disadvantaged children, families and communities, specifically through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) education and the education of indigenous peoples. She is involved in three primary strands of work: the study of learning and development in everyday contexts, community-based design research that creates science learning environments based on indigenous systems of knowledge, and the study of child and teacher learning in novel environments.

Bang says, “Over the years I have built on my dissertation work to design expansive learning environments through community-based design research that support students' epistemic heterogeneity in science learning with a specific focus on indigenous students. As a result of the design and study of these novel learning environments, I have expanded my focus to understand high-leverage teaching practices and teacher learning more broadly with respect to epistemic heterogeneity, culture and learning, especially in the context of NGSS [Next Generation Science Standards].”

“Further I have continued to engage in studying culture, learning and development in the domain of biology/ecology. Currently, I am focused on studying cross-culture differences in reasoning, learning and teaching about complex ecological systems.”

AERA is the nation’s leading professional organization for education researchers. Through the AERA awards program, education researchers honor the outstanding scholarship and service of their peers.

AERA awards will be presented during the organization’s annual meeting in Chicago, which is being held from April 16 to 20. Recipients of AERA awards are recognized during the Annual Awards Luncheon.

By Marilyn Sherman
Last Modified: 3/19/15