April 2015 News Stories

April 2015 News Stories

  • New Advances for Master of Science in Education Program
    New changes in SESP’s Master of Science in Education program are designed to make the curriculum more valuable than ever for today’s teachers. The program is adopting a new focus in the research area, new course work in English as a Second Language and new enhancements for elementary teaching.

  • Dedre Gentner Finds Comparison Method Helps Children Quickly Learn Engineering Principle
    Analogical processing helped children quickly learn a key engineering principle as they constructed toy buildings, professor Dedre Gentner found in a study carried out in the Chicago Children’s Museum. Her work seeks ways to support children’s learning both in school and in informal environments.

  • Professor Kemi Jona Discusses Power of Informal Learning across Life Span
    At a Dialogues with Gensler event, SESP professor Kemi Jona, whose work explores improving learning with technology, spoke of the power of informal learning environments. “We learn throughout our lives,” says Jona, “At home, at play, through our hobbies. People are amazing learners, but most of them shut that off when they walk into a classroom.”

  • Trust Increases with Age, Benefits Well-Being
    New research by SESP assistant professor Claudia Haase suggests a bright side to getting older. Trust increases with age and predicts increases in well-being, according to Haase's study.

  • SESP Holds International Education Conference with Sciences Po
    SESP is hosting an international education conference, sponsored by its Office of Global Initiatives and featuring a collaboration with Sciences Po, the highly regarded Paris center for research and higher education. “Education and Society: Access, Opportunity and Equity” will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and research on critical issues facing education around the globe.

  • Huffington Post Features Uri Wilensky's Agent-Based Modeling as 'Cyberlearning Transforming Education'
    In an article on "7 Cyberlearning Technologies Transforming Education, Huffington Post highlights professor Uri Wilensky's work with agent-based computer modeling for education. Wilensky's NetLogo agent-based modeling platform enables students to more easily engage in scientific inquiry.

  • MSLOC Instructors Aaron Olson, B. K. Simerson Co-Author Book on Strategic Leadership
    A new book by two instructors in the SESP Master of Science in Learning and Organizational Change program examines what leaders who think strategically do differently. Aaron Olson (MS98) and B. K. Simerson say their book Leading with Strategic Thinking is based on their teaching at Northwestern, 35 years of consulting experience and a study of more than 300 leaders.

  • Northwestern Hosts Summit to Inspire STEAM Education Innovation
    To inspire K-12 education leaders, the Office of STEM Education Partnerships planned Northwestern's first STEAM Summit on April 14 with Segal Design Institute. The daylong event is intended to foster innovative thinking, collaboration, planning and action in K-12 for STEAM teaching and learning.

  • Faculty, Students to Give Presentations at AERA Conference, April 16-20
    At the annual meeting of the American Education Research Association (AERA) in Chicago from April 16 to 20, 83 Northwestern University faculty members and graduate students will give presentations related to their education research.

  • Families, Educators Invited to Free STEM Learning Event April 25
    SESP’s Center for Talent Development is co-hosting a free interactive teaching and learning event for families and educators on April 25. This Share Fair event will allow educators, students and families to experience innovative methods for transforming STEM education.

  • WBEZ Interviews Danny M. Cohen about His New Novel, Train
    SESP instructor Danny M. Cohen discusses his young adult novel, Train: A Novel Inspired by Hidden History, as Holocaust fiction and an outgrowth of his focus on Holocaust education design. Portraying the complexities of Holocaust victims, the story is not just about persecuted Jews but also the Roma, homosexuals, the disabled and other young people fearing for their lives.

  • MSLOC Student Lanier Zimmer Receives Luce Fellowship for Policy Work in Asia
    SESP graduate student Lanier Zimmer received a prestigious Luce Fellowship to work and learn in Asia over the next year. A student in the Master of Science in Learning and Organizational Change program, she will begin with a language and cultural orientation this summer.

  • Junior Renee Wellman Receives Udall Scholarship
    Junior Renee Wellman, a social policy major, has been awarded the Udall Scholarship. She is the first Northwestern student in five years to win the award.

  • Alumni Muneer Satter and Kristin Hertel Commit $2 Million to SESP
    Northwestern University alumni Muneer Satter and Kristen Hertel (BS86) have committed $2 million to the School of Education and Social Policy to support Project Excite and other educational opportunities for deserving Northwestern scholars.

  • Campus Leader Qiddist Hammerly Wins Truman Scholarship for Public Service
    SESP junior Qiddist Miriam Hammerly has received the highly competitive Harry S. Truman Scholarship, a $30,000 award that supports graduate education for outstanding students who plan to pursue careers in public service.

  • David Figlio in Orlando Sentinel: Private School Scholarship Students Keep Pace
    Data compiled annually by SESP professor David Figlio show that tax credit scholarship students at private schools typically make educational progress comparable to that in other schools nationwide. The Orlando Sentinel says private schools in Florida are more dependent on state voucher programs.

  • Senior Frances Fu Receives Campus Life Award
    SESP senior Frances Fu was honored with a Campus Life Award for Winter 2015 for her work as president of the Panhellenic Association. The Campus Life Award recognizes students who have significantly contributed to the improvement of the quality of student life at Northwestern.

  • Time Magazine Reports Claudia Haase's Study on Trust Increasing with Age
    Time magazine reports new research by assistant professor Claudia Haase that shows as people age they become more trusting. And this increased sense of trust is linked with higher well being, says Haase, directs Northwestern’s Life-Span Development Lab.

  • Isabel Garcia (BS15) Awarded Princeton in Latin America Fellowship
    Isabel Garcia, a SESP social policy major who graduated in March, received a Princeton in Latin America fellowship. Next year Garcia will be working with an education policy organization in Mexico called Redes de Tutoría.

  • Israel's Top Newspaper Reports on Danny M. Cohen's Novel, Train
    "While teaching the narratives of gays, Roma, the disabled and political dissidents, Holocaust historian and educator Danny M. Cohen wrote a novel," begins an article in Israel's biggest newspaper, Haaretz. Cohen's Train is fiction about teenagers during the Holocaust.

  • Daily Northwestern: Patrick Day (BS92) Speaks on Building Northwestern Campus Community
    Patrick Day (BS92), vice president for student life at University of the Pacific, spoke to nearly 170 RAs and Residential Services administrators about the importance of building cross-cultural and diverse communities. Day spoke at the sixth annual Gregg A. Kindle Distinguished Lecture on Community.

  • WTTW Interviews David Figlio on Evanston's New Model for Advanced Placement Recruitment
    A WTTW-TV story on Chicago Tonight features an interview with SESP professor David Figlio, who is studying the Advanced Placement model at Evanston Township High School. The district has revamped courses and added supports to encourage minority and low-income students to succeed at AP tests.

  • Patient Portals Could Widen Health Disparities
    Patient portals that provide medical information online could widen the gap in health disparities among the most vulnerable patients, according to a new study by professor Michael Wolf (MA06) of SESP and Feinberg School of Medicine.

  • Senior Samantha Yi Wins Alumnae of Northwestern Service Award
    SESP social policy major Samantha P. Yi is the recipient of the 2015 Senior Woman’s Service Award given by the Alumnae of Northwestern University. The award honors a senior woman for outstanding volunteer service during her undergraduate years at Northwestern.

  • Arva Rice (BS90) Honored with SESP Alumni Award
    New York Urban League president Arva Rice (BS90) is the recipient of the 2015 Alumni Merit Award for the School of Education and Social Policy. The award recognizes high achievement in a profession or field of endeavor.