Jim Spillane Discusses Distributed Leadership in Singapore, Hong Kong

Jim Spillane Discusses Distributed Leadership in Singapore, Hong Kong

Jim Spillane
Professor James Spillane shared his insights on school leadership with an international audience recently as he addressed education leaders, policy makers, teachers and researchers in Hong Kong and Singapore. Spillane takes a global perspective on educational policy and reform.

In Singapore, Spillane gave the opening keynote for the National Institute of Education of Singapore’s conference, “Redesigning Pedagogy: Leaders, Values and Citizenship in 21st Century Education,” from June 2 to 4. The conference provides a global forum for sharing research and best practices to address complex challenges facing education leadership.

Nearly 1,400 policymakers, researchers, teachers, and principals attended the conference. Spillane launched the conference with an address on “Leading and Managing Instruction in Education Organizations and Systems” Leadership in 3-D.” The National Institute of Education is the national teacher training institute in Singapore.

Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, Spillane presented a workshop for 100 school principals from private international schools and public schools. The workshop was organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Education.

Spillane informed the school leaders about distributed leadership and the importance of diagnosis and design for instructional innovation. The distributed leadership perspective views school leadership as shared among formal and informal school leaders, including teachers. Spillane also highlighted the importance of school leaders using a process of diagnosis and design to improve instruction.

At Northwestern University, Spillane is the Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Professor in Learning and Organizational Change and the chair of the Human Development and Social Policy doctoral program at the School of Education and Social Policy. He is also a professor in the Learning Sciences program and a faculty associate at the Institute for Policy Research.

A world expert on school leadership and educational policy, Spillane is the author of several books, including Distributed Leadership and Diagnosis and Design for School Improvement. Spillane’s work explores the policy implementation process at the state, school district, school and classroom levels. In addition to his policy work, he also studies and writes on organizational leadership and change.

As the director of the Office of Global Initiatives at SESP, Spillane is leading the efforts of Northwestern’s School of Education and Social Policy worldwide. Global initiatives are a priority for the School to extend its resources and address critical issues around the globe.

By Marilyn Sherman
Last Modified: 6/23/15