Brian Reiser Gives Keynote at National Climate Education Forum

Brian Reiser Gives Keynote at National Climate Education Forum

Brian Reiser

Professor Brian Reiser is a keynote speaker at the Forum on Digital Media for STEM Learning: Climate Education on November 9. This high-profile forum hosted by WGBH public broadcasting in Boston is exploring how climate science is increasingly being integrated into STEM education, with a focus on digital media. It is designed for both in-person attendance and live streaming.

Reiser will give a keynote presentation on “Climate Education and the Next Generation Science Standards.” A professor of learning sciences in Northwestern’s School of Education and Social Policy, Reiser researches how to make the scientific practices of argumentation, explanation, and modeling meaningful and effective for teachers and students.

Reiser co-authored the framework that guided development of the current Next Generation Science Standards for improving K-12 science education. He is now collaborating with several state initiatives to design and provide professional development for K-12 teachers to support them in implementing the standards reforms in their classrooms. The Next Generation Science Standards ask students to analyze data and computer climate change models to predict future impacts on Earth’s systems.

The WGBH climate education forum will highlight new initiatives in climate education, as well as digital media tools with unique potential for educational settings. The exploration of climate education innovations follows three topic strands:

  • Standards and Storylines in Climate Education
  • Emerging Platforms and Products for Climate Education
  • New Modes of Engagement in Climate Education

The forum, held in the station’s studios in Brighton, Massachusetts, is designed for both an in-person audience and participation through online streaming and social media. Presenters include John Holdren, the Obama administration’s assistant to the president for science and technology; Frank Niepold, climate education coordinator for the federal National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Ryan Wyatt, director of the Morrison Planetarium and science visualization at 
California Academy of Sciences; and Juliette Rooney-Varga who directs the climate change initiative at University of Massachusetts–Lowell.

The forum concludes with an attendee-driven “unconference,” where participants discuss how to implement ideas from the panels. An online community space will continue to be available with tools and resources from the event.

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By Marilyn Sherman
Last Modified: 10/28/15