Senior Weronika Wasilewski Wins Fulbright Fellowship

Senior Weronika Wasilewski Wins Fulbright Fellowship

Weronika WasilewskiWeronika Wasilewski, a School of Education and Social Policy senior, won a Fulbright fellowship to teach at a university in Poland. After her Fulbright year, she will start a job in consulting at Huron.

Wasilewski received a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Grant for teaching English overseas. In addition to working as a teacher and advisor for Fulbright, she will be working on an independent project of interest to her. She is currently looking into volunteering at a local nonprofit and starting a film club on campus.

She applied for a Fulbright ETA Grant because it blended her love for education with her fascination with Polish culture. “My interest in education was solidified when I heard Rita Pierson say in her TED Talk, ‘Every kid needs a champion.’ I want to be the champion for other students as my teachers were for me,” she notes.

Wasilewski’s teaching experience began in high school, when she tutored students in mathematics and served as a teaching assistant for an AP calculus class, creating lesson plans, grading tests and holding office hours. She continued teaching in college as an English Language Acquisition tutor at Centro Romero, an organization that hosts programs for refugees, and as a TA for Intermediate Polish at Northwestern. “Fulbright ETA gives me the opportunity to continue my love for teaching, but in an entirely new setting,” she notes.

“Down the road I plan on pursuing a career in higher education and believe that familiarizing myself with another type of higher educational system would be beneficial. I could see what works and what doesn’t in order to be most efficient and helpful for students,” she explains.

As a daughter of Polish immigrants, Wasilewski often heard about her parents’ experiences in Poland, and she developed a yearning to experience Poland for herself. “Most of what I know about Poland, I know from my family. Traveling there on my own would allow me to fully immerse myself in the Polish culture and interact with the Polish community in a way I haven’t had the chance to thus far — as a working graduate,” she explains.

After her Fulbright, Wasilewski will start a job at Huron Consulting Group in the company's Higher Education division. Huron designs and implements performance improvement solutions to better leverage resources and opportunities. At SESP, Wasilewski majored in learning and organizational change.

Fulbright is the most widely recognized and prestigious international exchange program in the world. The intent of the Fulbright scholarship program, an international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, is to foster leadership and build understanding between scholars in the United States and other cultures. 

By Marilyn Sherman
Last Modified: 7/13/16