September 2016 News Stories

September 2016 News Stories

  • SESP Adds Record Number of Undergrads
    Northwestern’s School of Education and Social Policy (SESP) welcomed 59 new undergraduates in the fall of 2016, the largest class ever for the "small school that thinks big."

  • Northwestern Academy Students Star in Summer Showcase
    Students enrolled in Northwestern Academy for Chicago Public Schools presented research findings, capping off an intense summer of research and enrichment.

  • Carol Lee Featured on PBS Newshour
    Carol Lee talks to PBS Newshour about cultural competency and the difficulties of training incoming teachers.

  • Associated Press Quotes Kirabo Jackson on Educational Divide
    Jackson's research is featured in "Divided America," AP's ongoing exploration of the economic, social and political divisions in American society.

  • Schoenfeld Reviews 'Prison Break' for Washington Monthly
    Sociologist Heather Schoenfeld, assistant professor of human development and social policy, reviews the new book "Prison Break," a look at how the conservative moment has turned against mass incarceration. Schoenfeld's research focuses on systems of criminal punishment.

  • Dohrer Quoted on How Today's Teens View 9/11
    Tim Dohrer, director of teacher education at Northwestern and former principal at New Trier Township High School, explains why 9/11 is "not as real" to today's high schoolers.

  • Peterson Welcomes Class of 2020
    Dean Penelope Peterson borrowed wisdom from one of her favorite children's novels in her welcoming remarks to the SESP class of 2020, the largest and most diverse in school history.

  • Figlio: Patience Improves Student Performance
    Economist Dave Denslow cites David Figlio's research on patience and immigrant families in The Gainsville Sun.

  • FUSE Studios Debut in Five CPS Schools
    Northwestern's STEAM exploration program has been launched at five CPS high schools. It's the first yearlong FUSE course for high school students and the first in-school FUSE program in schools serving at least 90 percent low income students. The course also is explicitly aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.

  • Is Stress Contributing to the Achievement Gap?
    Researchers find that race-based stressors, such as perceived discrimination and stereotype threat, can affect sleep and cortisol levels. These physiological changes can impact learning.

  • Partnerships Are Key to Principal Leadership Training Programs
    Principals are a critical part of improving schools and raising student achievement, Dean Penelope Peterson writes on The Education Fund Blog. But how do we retain great principals?

  • Spillane Quoted on Principal Mentorship Program
    Ten Orange County schools are sharing their principals with another campus this year. But while providing mentors to new administrators is a good idea, asking a principal to manage two campuses is a tall order, said James Spillane, a professor of learning and organization change at Northwestern University.