Guryan Helps Governments Tackle Policy Challenges

Guryan Helps Governments Tackle Policy Challenges

Jonathan GuryanAn initiative designed to help state and local governments create and research the effectiveness of potential solutions to homelessness and other important policy challenges has expanded to three city and county governments.

The J-PAL State and Local Innovation Initiative is led by J-PAL North America, a research center at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“The goal is to help government leaders figure out which social programs are most effective by supporting state and local government leaders’ efforts to conduct randomized evaluations of those programs,” said Northwestern University professor Jonathan Guryan, initiative co-chair and associate professor of human development and social policy in the School of Education and Social Policy. "We then connect them with academic researchers with expertise in the area."

The city of Baltimore, Maryland; King County Washington; and Santa Clara County, California will receive funding and technical support from J-PAL and leading academic researchers to test programs designed to reduce homelessness and jail time for low-level offenders.

The three jurisdictions will join five governments selected last year in the inaugural round of the J-PAL State and Local Innovation Initiative: Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Puerto Rico, Rochester, and South Carolina.

“We hope these partnerships will help governments make informed decisions and ultimately improve the lives of the people they serve,” said Guryan, a Faculty Fellow at Northwestern’s Institute for Policy Research.

The partnership between governments and J-PAL North America is working to bridge the gap between academia and policy, and translate research into action that has a real impact on people’s lives.

For more information, contact initiative manager Julia Chabrier. Or visit the J-PAL State and Local Innovation Initiative website.

By Julie Deardorff
Last Modified: 7/5/17