SESP in the Media: June 2017

SESP in the Media: June 2017

SESP facultyAn ongoing, monthly roundup of appearances in the news media by School of Education and Social Policy faculty, researchers, and our community:

Education Week

June 28, 2017

Student Privacy in Education Research: 'It's Time' to Update Federal Laws (features Diane Schanzenbach)


June 25, 2017

7 secrets to a lasting relationship from the hugely popular 'Marriage 101' class (features Alexandra Solomon)

Daily Mail

June 24, 2017

Most children who were born prematurely 'do no worse at school than those who were carried until the full term' (quotes David Figlio)

Huffington Post

June 23, 2017

Peer-to-Peer Coaching for Teacher Growth and Survival (quotes Tim Dohrer)

Washington Post

June 16, 2017

Should Federal Funding For Food Stamps Be Cut? (co-written by Diane Schanzenbach)


June 13, 2017

I Took a Babymoon Without My Husband (And It Was Amazing) (quotes Alexandra Solomon)

National Public Radio

June 9, 2017

DeVos Says More Money Won't Help Schools; Research Says Otherwise (quotes Kirabo Jackson and Diane Schanzenbach)

Psychology Today

June 6, 2017

Breaking News: Is it Fake or Real (co-authored by David Rapp)

Education World

June 6, 2017

School Districts Around the Country Set Their Sights on Chronic Absenteeism (quotes Diane Schanzenbach)

Chicago Tonight-WTTW

June 2, 2017

Looking for Love? Local Experts Say ‘Get to Work’ (quotes Alexandra Solomon)


June 2, 2017

The Second Time I Learned to Read (cites Kirabo Jackson)

Here and Now

June 1, 2017

Trump's Budget Plan Threatens Federal Food Stamp Program (interview with Diane Schanzenbach)


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