Coughlin STEM Scholars Honored

Coughlin STEM Scholars Honored

CoughlinNorthwestern University's Center for Talent Development (CTD) recognized 15 exceptional middle-school students as Cathy Coughlin STEM Scholars at a recent luncheon, welcoming the scholars, their families, and supporters of the program.

As scholarship recipients, these young women participated in CTD’s fast-paced, academic summer program, taking courses such as algebra II and trigonometry, forensic science, and Butterfly Effect: Entomology & Climate Change.

To date, 19 young women have been awarded Coughlin STEM Scholarships. The scholarship is open to academically advanced girls in sixth grade and is renewable through eighth grade. Middle school is a pivotal time for talent development, and often when young women begin to disengage from STEM activities.

The Coughlin STEM Scholars program aims to encourage and motivate young women at a time when they need it most. Through participation in CTD’s enrichment and accelerated programming, Coughlin Scholars have the chance to work with others who have similar interests and abilities, learn from experts, and advance their talent development in STEM areas.

Who was Cathy Coughlin?

The Coughlin STEM Scholars program was established in honor of Cathy M. Coughlin, a Northwestern graduate and former member of the Board of Trustees. Coughlin’s legacy of success, grounded in hard work and a passion for learning, inspired her friends, family, and others committed to the talent development of young women to create the program.

Coughlin’s 35-year career took her from an entry-level manager to senior executive at AT&T, where she was a highly respected businessperson. Before leading the company's global marketing efforts, Coughlin was president and CEO of AT&T Midwest, based in Chicago.

She pursued excellence in everything she did, set high expectations for herself and others, and always believed there was a way to solve a problem. She was vocal about women having equal opportunities within corporate leadership and encouraged young women to set and achieve goals. Given this commitment, it is only fitting that her legacy includes the Cathy Coughlin STEM Scholars.

The application for the new cohort of five Coughlin STEM Scholars will open in January.  Contact CTD for more information.

By Center for Talent Development
Last Modified: 8/31/17