Record Number of Teaching Graduates Find Jobs

Record Number of Teaching Graduates Find Jobs

Teacher teaching a studentNorthwestern University’s Master of Science in Education (MSEd) and undergraduate teacher education programs achieved a 100 percent job placement rate for the 2016-17 school year, according to a School of Education and Social Policy report.

Northwestern’s teacher education programs typically have a high job placement rate of 90 percent, but it’s unusual for every graduate to be employed by September, especially since many stay in the competitive Chicago market, said Tim Dohrer, director of the MSEd program.

“Principals and human resources directors know that Northwestern teachers are smart, prepared, and passionate,” Dohrer said. “They also know our alumni are in it for the long haul and often become leaders in their schools.”

The undergraduate teacher education program has recorded a 100 percent placement rate three times in the last five years. 

The majority of the 43 undergraduate and graduate students are working in public schools in the Chicagoland area, but they also found jobs in California, Oregon, Minnesota, Maryland, and other states. Students are also employed in private schools and charters.

An increasing number of students are seeking jobs in schools overseas, according to the report. The most recent class has members working in Jordan and South Korea.

Next year, the MSEd program will start tracking the number of students who are placed in “opportunity schools,” a term used to describe a growing global need across all districts.

High-income suburban schools that were once considered low-needs are grappling with an increasing number of students who need support for special needs, English language instruction, and other issues typically associated with urban schools, according to the report.

By Julie Deardorff
Last Modified: 10/18/17