SESP in the Media: February 2018

SESP in the Media: February 2018

facultyAn ongoing, monthly roundup of appearances in the news media by School of Education and Social Policy faculty, researchers, and our community: 

PBS News Hour  

February 20, 2018

Five medical stories you might have missed  (quotes Diane Schanzenbach)

The New York Times 

February 20, 2018

Ask Brianna: Is 4-year college right for you? (cites James Rosenbaum) 

Republished from Associated Press

The Philadelphia Inquirer

February 19, 2018

Sexting: Is your teen under pressure to send nude selfies?  (Quotes research by Sara Thomas)

Business Insider

February 19, 2018 

Here's what you can learn about your relationship based on what you argue about with your partner (features research by Claudia Haase)

Republished from Reader's Digest


February 2, 2018

3 tips for surviving 'This Is Us' Super Bowl episode, from a psychologist (features Alexandra Solomon) 


By Julie Deardorff
Last Modified: 3/5/18