Kutlas Headlines Honors Ceremony

Kutlas Headlines Honors Ceremony

abbey Abbey Kutlas

Find the strength to say ‘no’ to things-- even if you love them -- to make room for deeper and more fulfilling opportunities, School of Education and Social Policy senior Abbey Kutlas urged her classmates during Northwestern University's 2018 Honor Recipients program.

Kutlas, the keynote speaker, referred to her own struggle balancing work, clubs, school, and the countless opportunities offered on campus and beyond, which created a “cocktail of overcommitment.”

But when a professor gave her permission to say ‘no’  during a particularly stressful period, she realized the power of the decision. “I am so grateful to the faculty and staff here at Northwestern for giving us the opportunities to fail hard and succeed big, with you celebrating our yeses and no’s at every step,” she said.

Kutlas was introduced by Provost and Professor Jonathan Holloway. After her remarks, Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro wondered, "How can a 22-year-old be so wise and profound? I didn’t figure these things out until I was 60.”

Kutlas, a learning sciences major, almost immediately begins the next phase of her life. Two days after commencement ceremonies, she begins a master’s of science in education at Northwestern as part of the accelerated five-year program.

A full list of SESP seniors honored at the program follows:

2018 Student Speaker
Abbey Kutlas

Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Prize for Community Service
Imani Wilson

Abraham Lincoln Civic Engagement Award
Imani Wilson

SESP Honors Students
Camille Cooley
Amy Lieberman
Maria Christina Loi
Sumaia Masoom
Sienna Parker
Imani Wilson

Alumni Leadership Award
Michelle Sanders 

Fulbright (IIE) US Student Award
Tsu-Ann Chen
Fannie Koltun
Tiffany Wong

Mortar Board National Honor Society
Katharine Cusick
Maria Christina Loi
Sienna Parker
Imani Wilson

By Julie Deardorff
Last Modified: 6/21/18