SESP Launches New Classes for C-Suite Leaders

SESP Launches New Classes for C-Suite Leaders

ELOCSESP’s new Executive Learning & Organizational Change (ELOC) program, which targets leaders with approximately 15 or more years of work experience, is recruiting its first cohort of students to begin in January 2019. 

The non-degree ELOC program is an extension of Northwestern’s pioneering Master’s in Learning and Organizational Change (MSLOC) curriculum, which helps leaders create transformational change in multiple sectors, including business, education, design, non-profit and more.

ELOC courses are specialized programs for senior leaders charged with creating agile organizations and coaching people to make the most of their talents. The classes are also shorter than the full program’s and not applicable toward a graduate degree.  

“ELOC is designed to help make people better coaches and leaders in the face of complex, continuous organizational change,” said Kimberly Scott, assistant professor and director of Northwestern’s MSLOC and ELOC programs. “Leadership development in organizations has evolved, requiring more just-in-time learning that can be immediately applied to organizational challenges. ELOC leverages our successful MSLOC curriculum to meet these shifting demands.”

The initial ELOC courses will focus on coaching and designing for learning and organizational change. Classes feature both in-person and online formats and feature flexible learning opportunities which allow participants to quickly and efficiently build new skills.

All classes will be taught by Northwestern faculty, coaches, and human capital thought leaders who exemplify the philosophy of the program by bridging scholarship and practice.

The program begins in January 2019. After filling out a short application, accepted students can register for individual or multiple courses. Participants receive a certificate after successfully completing each course.

Additional registration information can be found on the ELOC website. 

About the Master’s in Learning & Organizational Change program:

The Masters in Learning & Organizational Change (MSLOC) program at Northwestern University gives leaders the knowledge and skills they need to successfully transform organizations. We focus on integrating the study and practice of strategic organizational change, knowledge management, and performance-driven learning. We attract leaders and learners who understand how important it is to help workers reach their full potential to drive deep change.


By Julie Deardorff
Last Modified: 8/14/18