SESP in the Media: December 2018

SESP in the Media: December 2018

facultyAn ongoing, monthly roundup of appearances in the news media by School of Education and Social Policy faculty, researchers, and our community: 

Chicago Health

Dec. 21, 2018

Friends Can Help Your Health  (features instructor Alexandra Solomon) 

The 1A

Dec. 20, 2018

Not Tonight: Why Americans are Having Less Sex (features Alexandra Solomon) 

LA Daily News

Dec. 18, 2018

LAUSD Can, and Should, Bring Class Sizes Down Now (features research of Diane Schanzenbach)

Education Dive

Dec. 18, 2018

Research Review Indicates Money Does Matter in Education (features Kirabo Jackson)     

Voice of America

Dec. 18, 2018

Class Size Has Only Minor Effect on Student Results (features Diane Schanzenbach)

21 C Radio- podcast

Dec. 17, 2018 

The Power of Social Capital in School Improvement (features James Spillane)

Chicago Tribune

Dec. 17, 2018

10 books I loved and learned from in 2018 — all written by women (features instructor Cheryl Judice)

Dec. 17, 2018

Optimism and positive reframing help battle money anxiety (features research by Emily Hittner, Katie Rim, Claudia Haase)


Dec. 17, 2018 

Does Money Matter for Schools? (features Kirabo Jackson)


Dec. 12, 2018

How Money Matters for Student Achievement (features Kirabo Jackson)   

Grand Island Independent

Dec. 11, 2018

New York Times

Dec. 6, 2018

To Make America Richer, Help Poor Children (features Diane Schanzenbach)


Dec. 6, 2018

The Full Measure of a Teacher (features Kirabo Jackson)

Washington Post

Dec. 4, 2018

Why People Still Think George H.W. Bush Didn't Understand a Grocery Checkout (written by David Rapp) 


Dec. 4, 2018

Verdict Is In: Food Stamps Put Poor Kids on Path to Success (features Diane Schanzenbach) 

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