Northwestern Academy Supports Evanston Students

Northwestern Academy Supports Evanston Students

ETHSNorthwestern University’s successful free college access program for underserved, high-achieving students at Evanston Township High School has been renamed “Northwestern Academy – Evanston.

Formerly the Project Excite high-school initiative, Northwestern Academy – Evanston is a four-year high school program that helps academically-motivated students from low- to modest middle-income backgrounds at Evanston Township High School (ETHS) successfully enroll in — and graduate from — a college or university that best meets their needs and interests. 

A sister college access program, Northwestern Academy for Chicago Public Schools, began in 2013 and was built around the same mission. The Chicago program serves students from homes with limited financial means who don’t attend one of CPS’s selective enrollment schools.

Both programs are offered at no cost to participating families and are "aligned around the same objectives, design, and the students we are trying to support,” said School of Education and Social Policy Dean David Figlio.

Using a comprehensive approach, the program offers personal academic advising, college test preparation, college visits, summer classes and enrichment programs, one-on-one tutoring with Northwestern undergraduate and graduate students, and opportunities for personal development. Northwestern Academy – Evanston also supports families during transitions from middle to high school and high school to college.

To be eligible for Northwestern Academy – Evanston, students must be willing to participate in formal and informal learning experiences, take advantage of academic supports, and meet program criteria.

The first group of students that received four years of support from Northwestern Academy – Evanston graduated in 2018. The eight students all went to four-year private or public colleges and universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, the University of Redlands (two students), Ohio Wesleyan University, The College of Holy Cross, the University of Arizona, and the University of Iowa.

For more information, visit the Northwestern Academy - Evanston website.

By Julie Deardorff
Last Modified: 4/25/19