SESP in the Media: October 2021

SESP in the Media: October 2021

faculty sespAn ongoing, monthly roundup of appearances in the news media by School of Education and Social Policy faculty, researchers, and our community: 


Oct. 28, 2021

Pre-K, free lunch, Pell grants: What the D.C. reconciliation plan would mean for kids and schools (quotes Diane Schanzenbach)

New York Times

Oct. 27, 2021

Higher Food Prices Hit the Poor and Those Who Help Them (quotes Diane Schanzenbach)

Evanston Round Table

Oct. 27, 2021

Confronting high cost, low wages of child care (quotes Terri Sabol)

Chicago Tribune

Oct. 27, 2021

Higher food prices hit the poor and those who help them (quotes Diane Schanzenbach)

Education Next

Fall, 2021

The Ripple Effect:How private-school choice programs boost competition and benefit public-school students (coauthored by Dean David Figlio and alumna Cassandra Hart)

Business Insider

Oct. 24, 2021

Forget the Great Resignation. Gen Z is driving a 'Great Reshuffle' as they quit their crappy jobs in hopes of a better career. (quotes Hannes Schwandt)

US News and World Report

Oct. 22, 2021

What Parents Need to Know About School Vouchers (quotes David Figlio)

Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Oct. 22, 2021

Dr. Carol D. Lee: Picking up the Baton (profiles Carol Lee)


Oct. 21, 2021

Declining NAEP Scores Are Flashing Red Lights for the Covid Generation (quotes Kirabo Jackson)


Oct. 19, 2021

Schools need family input on COVID spending. Here’s how they can get it. (quotes Sally Nuamah)

The 74

Oct. 14, 2021

What Science Says About Helping Students Catch Up After COVID Closures (quotes Jonathan Guryan)


Oct. 13, 2021

The latest Nobel Prize winner: Researcher who helped show money matters for schools  (quotes Kirabo Jackson)


Oct. 6, 2021

Pressure mounts to require parents to work to get the child tax credit (quotes Diane Schanzenbach)

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