Nancy Deutsch

Nancy Deutsch

Associate Professor
University of Virginia


Nancy L. Deutsch is Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Foundations at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education. She is affiliated with the Research, Statistics & Evaluation program as well as Curry’s interdisciplinary doctoral program in Applied Developmental Science and Youth-NEX, the UVA Center to Promote Effective Youth Development. Her research focuses on out-of-school settings for adolescents. She received her BA from Vassar College in 1993 and completed her PhD in Human Development and Social Policy at Northwestern University in 2004, where she received the School of Education and Social Policy’s Alumni Leadership Award. Dr. Deutsch co-authored two chapters in the book A Place to Call Home: Community-Based After-School Programs for Urban Youth, which won the Society for Research on Adolescence social policy book award in 2006. Her book Pride in the Projects: Teens Building Identities in Urban Contexts (NYU Press, 2008), reports on a four-year study of teens at an inner-city youth organization. A second book, Youth Organizations and Positive Youth Development: Case Studies of Success and Failure (Cambridge University Press, 2011), co-authored with Bart Hirsch and David DuBois, won a SRCD Social Policy Book award in 2012. She is currently working on a longitudinal study of youth-adult relationships funded by William T. Grant Foundation, a longitudinal follow-up of the Young Women Leaders Program funded by the Department of Justice, and an evaluation of the WINGS after-school program funded by IES.



Year Degree Institution
2004 PhD, Human Development and Social Policy
Human Development and Social Policy
Northwestern University


Year Title  
2004 There are Birds in the Projects: The Construction of Self in an Urban Youth Organization

Selected Publications

Tolan, P. & Deutsch, N.L. (Working Paper/In Press/Under Review). Mixed Methods for Developmental Psychology: A fuller picture in Lerner, R.M. & Overton, W. (Eds.), Handbook of Child Psychology and Applied Developmental Science, 7th Edition Wiley, NY.

Deutsch, N.L., Wiggins, A., Henneberger, A. & Lawrence, E. (2013). Combining Mentoring with Structured Group Activities: A potential after-school context for fostering relationships between girls and mentors. Journal of Early Adolescence, 33 : 5-16.

Deutsch, N.L., Lawrence, E., & Henneberger, A. (2013). Social Class in D. DuBois & M. Karcher (Eds), The Handbook of Youth Mentoring, 2nd Edition (pp. 175-187). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications..

Jones, J. N., & Deutsch, N. L (2013). Social and Identity Development in an After-School Program Changing Experiences and Shifting Adolescent Needs. The Journal of Early Adolescence, 33(1): 17-43.

Hirsch, B., Deutsch, N.L., & DuBois, D (2011). After-school Centers and Youth Development: Case studies of success and failure (Winner of the 2012 Society for Research on Adolescence Social Policy Book Award for Multi-Authored book). Cambridge University Press.

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