Cassandra Hart

Dr. Cassandra (Cassie) Hart

Assistant Professor, School of Education, University of California-Davis


Cassandra Hart is assistant professor of education policy. Her interests include school choice, school accountability policies, online education, and early childhood education. Hart earned her PhD in Human Development and Social Policy from Northwestern University in 2011.

Curriculum Vitae

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Year Degree Institution
2011 PhD, Human Development and Social Policy Northwestern University


Year Title  
2011 Voucher Policies and the Responses of Three Actors: Parents, Private Schools, and Public Schools Adobe Acrobat PDF Logo Download Adobe Acrobat PDF

Selected Publications

Hart, C.M.D., & Sojourner, A.J. (Forthcoming) (Working Paper/In Press/Under Review). Unionization and productivity: Evidence from charter schools. Industrial Relations.

Hart, C.M.D. (2014). Contexts matter: Selection in means-tested school voucher programs.. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 36(2):: 186-206..

Figlio, D. & Hart, C.M.D. (2014). Competitive effects of means-tested school vouchers. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 6(1): 133-156.

Shager, H., Schindler, H., Magnuson, K.A., Duncan, G.J., Yoshikawa, H., & Hart, C.M.D. (2013). Can research design explain variation in Head Start research results? A meta-analysis of cognitive and achievement outcomes.. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 35(1): 76-95.

Figlio, D.N. & Hart, C.M.D. (2011). Does competition improve public schools? New evidence from the Florida tax-credit scholarship program. Education Next: 74-80.

Figlio, D.N., Hart, C.M.D., Metzger, M. (2010). Who uses a means-tested scholarship, and what do they choose?. Economics of Education Review: 301-317.

Mendenhall, Ruby; Kalil, Ariel; Spindel, Laurel; & Hart, Cassandra (2008). Job loss at mid-life: Managers and executives face the ‘new risk economy’. Social Forces.

Research Interests

School competition policies, school accountability, education and disadvantaged youth, program evaluation.

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