Izabel Duarte Olson

Izabel Duarte Olson

Annenberg Hall
Room 211
2120 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208-0001


  • 2013 - Robert J. Menges Memorial Award for Student Development
  • 2013 - Society for Anthropologcal Sciences Best Student Paper (Winter/Spring meeting)
  • 2013 - SIG ATL/LS Best Student Paper Award
  • 2012 - Advanced Cognitive Science Fellowship
  • 2012 - Outstanding Student Poster Award - Society for Cross Cultural Research Conference 2012
  • 2011 - The Graduate School Conference Travel Grant
  • 2011 - SESP Travel Grant
  • 2011 - University Fellowship



Year Degree Institution
2016 PhD, Learning Sciences
Learning Sciences
Northwestern University
2010 MA, Learning Sciences
Learning Sciences
Northwestern University
2008 BA in Pedagogy UERJ (Brazil)
2004 BA in Language Studies UNESA

Selected Publications

Duarte Olson, I. (2013). Cultural Differences Between Favela and Asfalto in Complex Systems Thinking. Journal of Cognition and Culture: 145-157.

Selected Presentations

Duarte Olson, I. (May, 2013). “It’s like an epidemic, it catches on…”: Community Knowledge of Everyday Complex Phenomena. .

In C. Lee and G. Saxe (Co-chairs). Capitalizing on Knowledge Co-Constructed via the Praxis of Historically Nondominant Groups. Symposium submitted to the American Educational Research Association Conference

. CA.

Duarte Olson, I. (May, 2013). “'It goes from father to son': How poverty shapes our cognition of complex systems”. Washington, DC.

Duarte Olson, I. (February, 2013). Inequality in Levels: Navigating Everyday Complexity.

In Ojalehto,B., Medin, D. Conceptualizing Complex Systems: How People Navigate Social and Ecological Systems. Symposium submitted to the Society for Anthropological Sciences Meeting

. AL.

Duarte Olson, I. (May, 2012). Favela dwellers construal of their social environment and implications for complex systems thinking. Chicago, IL.

Duarte Olson, I. (February, 2012). Drawing and talking about Social Systems: Cultural Differences Between Favela and Asfalto. Las Vegas, NV.

Horn, M. S., Davis P., Hubbard, A., Keifert, Leong, Z.A & D.,Olson, I,C (June, 2011). Learning Sustainability: Children, Learning, and Next Generation Eco-Feedback Technology. Ann Arbor, MI.

Olson, I.C., Horn, M. (June, 2011). Modeling on the Table: Agent-Based Modeling in Elementary School with NetTango. Ann Arbor, MI.

Olson, I.C. & Horn, M.S. (January, 2011). "It’s just a toolbar!” Using Tangibles to Help Children Manage Conflict Around a Multi-Touch Tabletop. Link. Funchal, Portugal.

Olson, I.C., Horn, M.S. & Wilensky, U. (June, 2010). NetLogo Tango: Supporting Student Programming with Tangible Objects and Multi-Touch Displays. Link. Chicago, IL.

Research Interests

I study the relationship between cognition and culture, specifically in the area of complex systems. Currently, my work focuses on diverse communities in Brazil. I study how people in Rio de Janeiro think about complex systems they face in their everyday lives. My hope is to link this knowledge to school practice. Every person has the right to quality education; my work looks for alternative strategies within people’s everyday practices to make this a reality.

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