Emily Ross

Emily Ross


Emily Ross is a doctoral candidate in the Human Development and Social Policy program and a graduate research fellow at the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University. Her program of research focuses on understanding the relationships between education, parenting, and young children's development among those growing up in economically disadvantaged communities, with the goal of informing programs and policies to reduce socioeconomic inequality and promote the well-being of children and families. Current projects include examining the role of parenting practices and maternal education on children’s development in the context of attending Head Start preschool, as well as exploring how gains in parents’ education after starting a family relates to the quality of the home environment and children’s academic and socio-behavioral outcomes over time. Emily also studies the measurement of preschool classroom quality in Head Start programs, and how quality relates to children's cognitive, social, and behavioral development.

Prior to attending HDSP, Emily worked as a research coordinator in the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern and taught as an after school instructor with the non-profit Reading In Motion, which provides literacy instruction for at-risk kindergarteners and first graders in Chicago Public Schools. Emily holds a BSc in Psychology from McGill University in Montréal, Québec, Canada, and a MA in Human Development and Social Policy from Northwestern University. Dr. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale and Dr. Terri Sabol are her advisers.

Curriculum Vitae

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  • 2018 - Graduate Fellow (2013-2018), Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University
  • 2017 - Student Travel Award, Society for Research in Child Development
  • 2017 - Dissertation Year Fellowship, Northwestern University
  • 2015 - Society, Biology and Health Cluster Certificate, Northwestern University
  • 2013 - Society, Biology and Health Cluster Fellowship, Northwestern University
  • 2013 - Student Travel Award, Workshop on “Coordinated Data Analysis: Maximizing Early Care and Education Data,” ICPSR at the University of Michigan
  • 2009 - Science Undergraduate Research Award (SURA), McGill University



Year Degree Institution
2015 MA, Human Development and Social Policy Northwestern University
2009 BSc, Psychology McGill University

Selected Publications

Sabol, T.J., Ross, E.C., Kessler, C., & Morris, A. (Working Paper/In Press/Under Review). Assessing Head Start children’s perceptions of themselves and their parents as learners: Evaluation of the Family-School-Work Puppet Interview Tool.

Ross, E.C. (Working Paper/In Press/Under Review). Education and income: Modifiable predictors of parenting and implications for interventions to support at-risk parents of young children. Journal of Marriage and Family.

Ross, E.C., Sabol, T.J., and Chase-Lansdale, P.L. (Working Paper/In Press/Under Review). The role of parenting and maternal education on low-income children’s development in the context of attending Head Start preschool. Applied Developmental Psychology.

Sabol, T.J., Ross, E.C., Frost, A. (Working Paper/In Press/Under Review). Are all Head Start classrooms created equal?: The relation between within-center classroom quality and child outcomes. American Educational Research Journal.

Sabol, T., Sommer, T., Chase-Lansdale, P.L., Brooks-Gunn, J., Yoshikawa, H., King, C., Kathawalla, U., Alamuddin, R.A., Gomez, C., & Ross, E.C. (2015). Parents' persistence and certification in a two-generation education and training program. Children and Youth Services Review: 1-10.
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Adam, E. K., Heissel, J. A., Zeiders, K. H., Richeson J. A., Brodish, A., Ross, E. C., Ehrlich, K. B., Levy, D. J., Kemeny, M. E., Malanchuk, O., Peck, S., Fuller-Rowell, T. and Eccles, J. (2015). Developmental histories of perceived racial discrimination and diurnal cortisol profiles in adulthood. Psychoneuroendocrinology.
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Research Interests

child development;  early childhood care and education (ECE);  family well-being;  parents' education and human capital development;  dual generation programs;  education policy;  anti-poverty policy;  program/policy evaluation

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