Elizabeth Dyer

Elizabeth Dyer


Elizabeth Dyer earned her PhD from the Learning Sciences program at Northwestern. She now works as a Research Associate at WestEd. She received her undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Astrophysics from University of California at Berkeley. After graduating in 2007, she spent three years as a research associate at Horizon Research, Inc. working on research studies and mixed-method evaluations of projects targeting large-scale math and science education improvement and teacher enhancement. Elizabeth's research interests include understanding how mathematics teacher learning and development lead to changes in teachers' classroom practices. Her dissertation investigated how secondary mathematics teachers use everyday classroom experiences to improve their teaching to become more responsive to student thinking.

Curriculum Vitae

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  • 2015 - AERA-Measures of Effective Teaching (AERA-MET) Dissertation Fellowship
  • 2014 - National Academy of Education/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship
  • 2011 - NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Mathematics Education



Year Degree Institution
2007 BA, Mathematics & Astrophysics UC Berkeley


Year Title  
2016 Learning through Teaching: An Exploration of Teachers’ Use of Feedback in Support of Responsive Teaching in Mathematics

Selected Publications

Reiser, B. J., Michaels, S., Moon, J., Bell, T., Dyer, E. B., Edwards, K. D., McGill, T., Novak, M., Park, A. (2017). Scaling Up Three-Dimensional Science Learning Through Teacher-Led Study Groups across a State. Journal of Teacher Education: 280–298.

Sherin, M. G., Dyer, E. B. (2017). Teacher self-captured video: Learning to see. Phi Delta Kappan: 49–54.

Sherin, M. G., Dyer, E. B. (2017). Mathematics teachers' self-captured video and opportunities for learning. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education: 477-495.

Dyer, E. B. (2017). Teachers Often Lack of Access to Quality STEM Professional Development in 100Kin10 Grand Challenges.

Dyer, E. B., Sherin M. G. (2016). Instructional Reasoning about Interpretations of Student Thinking that Supports Responsive Teaching in Secondary Mathematics. ZDM.

Dyer, E. B. (November, 2015). Exploring Teachers' In-the-Moment Reasoning in Experimentation around Responsive Teaching in Secondary Mathematics. In Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of PME-NA: East Lansing, MI: PME.

van Es, E. A., Stockero, S. L., Sherin, M. G., Van Zoest, L. R., Dyer, E. B. (September, 2015). Making the Most of Teacher Self-Captured Video. Mathematics Teacher Educator.

Dyer, E. B. (March, 2015). Equity and Teacher Preparation: Relating Learning to Teach Diverse Students and Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society: Washington, D.C..

Taylor, E. V., & Dyer, E. B. (March, 2014). Teacher Goals and Dilemmas in the Use of Mathematical Representations. Mathematics Teacher Educator, 2(2): 171-184.

Sherin, M. G., Dyer, E. B., van Es, E., Sun, J., Stockero, S. L., Van Zoest, L. R. (February, 2014). Teacher-Captured Video: Tools, Opportunities and Challenges. Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators Annual Conference: Irvine, CA.

Dyer, E. B. (November, 2013). Investigating the Relationship between Teacher Professional Vision and Classroom Practices: A Case of Misalignment. In Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of PME-NA. Chicago, IL: PME.
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Sherin, M. G., Walkoe, J., Dyer, E. B. (April, 2013). Using Video Clubs to Examine Student Thinking about Algebra. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting: Denver, CO.

Dyer, E. B. (April, 2013). Teacher Noticing to Support Collaboration Among Teachers. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association: San Francisco, CA..

Dyer, E. B. (November, 2012). Supporting Teacher Retention and Development Through Teaching Possible Selves. In Proceedings of the 34th Annual Conference of PME-NA: Kalamazoo, MI: PME.
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Dyer, E. B. (November, 2012). Exploring Classroom Discourse Through an Agent-Based Model. Poster presented at the 34th Annual Conference of PME-NA: Kalamazoo, MI: PME.
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Dyer, E. B., Taylor, E. V. (April, 2012). Mathematical Representations: Instructional Challenges and Insights. Paper presented at the NCTM Annual Meeting Research Pre-session: Philadelphia, PA.

Research Interests

Mathematics teacher learning and development; teacher learning through experience; responsive teaching; teacher-captured classroom video; tool-supported teaching; representations of teaching; teacher ideas about mathematics teaching and learning; teacher identity


Employment History

Education Research Associate, Horizon Research, Inc.

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