Laurie Wakschlag

Laurie Wakschlag

Professor and Vice Chair for Scientific and Faculty Development, Department of
Medical Social Sciences, Feinberg School of Medicine
Professor, Human Development and Social Policy


Lauren Wakschlag is a developmental clinical psychologist. She received her doctorate in Human Development and Mental Health Research at the University of Chicago. Wakschlag completed a fellowship in the Section of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Chicago and served on its faculty for 12 years, during which time she built a clinical research program focused on preschool disruptive behavior. Following this, she was on the faculty of the Institute for Juvenile Research (IJR), University of Illinois at Chicago for four years, where she developed and directed the Program on Developmental Mechanisms of Psychopathology and chaired IJR’s Intellectual Exchange Committee. As Department of Medical Social Sciences Associate Chair for Scientific Development and Institutional Collaboration, Wakschlag directs the department’s One Northwestern initiative and oversees faculty development and the development of scientific exchange activities. Her research is focused on translational approaches to elucidating mechanisms and phenomenology of early emerging disruptive behavior. In particular, she and her colleagues have proposed a “blueprint” for a developmental approach to disruptive behavior that combines developmental specification with lifespan coherence.


  • 1994 - Recipient, Herschel Thornberg Dissertation Award, Society for Research in Adolescence



Year Degree Institution
1992 PhD, Psychology University of Chicago
1983 MA, Social Work University of Chicago
1980 BA, Psychology Barnard College

Selected Publications

Wakschlag, L., Hill, C., Carter, A., Danis, B., Egger, H., Keenan, K., Leventhal, B., Cicchetti, D., Maskowitz, K., & Briggs-Gowan, M. (2008). Observational assessment of preschool disruptive behavior: Part I: Reliability of the Disruptive Behavior Diagnostic Observation Schedule (DB-DOS). Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: 622-631.

Wakschlag, L., Briggs-Gowan, M, Carter, A., Hill, C., Danis, B., Keenan, K., McCarthy, K., & Leventhal, B. (2007). A developmental framework for distinguishing disruptive behavior from normative misbehavior in preschool children. Journal of Child Psychology, Psychiatry & Allied Disciplines: 976-987.

Wakschlag, L., Leventhal, B., Pine, D., Pickett, K. & Carter, A. (2006). Elucidating early mechanisms of developmental psychopathology: The case of prenatal smoking and disruptive behavior. Child Development: 893-906.

Research Interests

Translational approaches to elucidating mechanisms and phenomenology of early emerging disruptive behavior.

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