Lilah Shapiro

Lilah Shapiro

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Curriculum Vitae

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  • 2011 - Martin Marty Center Junior Fellow, University of Chicago
  • 2011 - Bernice Neugarten Prize Lectureship, University of Chicago
  • 2011 - Lectureship in the Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture, University of Chicago
  • 2003 - Fuerstenberg Fellowship, University of Chicago



Year Degree Institution
2012 PhD, Comparative Human Development University of Chicago
AM, Social Sciences University of Chicago
BA, English and Vocal Performance Oberlin College

Selected Publications

L. Shapiro (November, 2011). Do We Stand Together? American Jewish Identity and Voices of Dissent”. Sightings.

L. Shapiro (June, 2011). “The Stories We Tell: How Essential Are Fear and Struggle to Jewish Identity Construction?”. Sightings.

McCarthy, Kevin F., Arthur Brooks, Julia Lowell, Laura Zakaras, Aimee Bower, Lilah Greendale, Lisa Jones, Elizabeth Ondaatje and Lauren Sager (2001). The Performing Arts in a New Era. Rand.

Lowell, Julia, Kevin F. McCarthy, Laura Zakaras, Aimee Bower, Lilah Greendale, Tessa Kaganoff, Elizabeth Ondaatje and Lauren Sager (2001). Compendium of Information on the Arts. Rand.

Research Interests

Sociology, social psychology. Specific research interests include identity, life story and narrative, ethnicity, religion, assimilation and immigration, ethnicity and biology, race, American culture, diaspora experiences/transnationalism, class and social location, qualitative methods.

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