Dionne  Champion

Dionne Champion


PhD Student in Learning Sciences interested in studying out-of-school spaces that use multi-modal co-construction to engage children in creative STEM practices.  I am interested in the ways in which children assemble and organize multiple tools and resource to support their own learning and engagement in these spaces, specifically as it relates to the use of the arts as learning tools in STEM spaces.



Year Degree Institution
2003 MEd, Dance Education Temple University
1998 BS, Chemical Engineering Florida A&M University

Research Interests

I am interested in the design and ethnographic study of learning environments that blend STEM and creative embodied learning activities, particularly for those who have experienced feelings of marginalization in STEM (minorities, girls).  I am interested in expanding how we think about science, scientific inquiry and engagement, and in exploring broader conceptualizations of cognition that
substantively intertwine STEM learning and development, attending to the affective, social and emotional while broadening STEM knowledge and understanding.  

My research focuses on bridging children's everyday practices with scientific practices. 
Drawing on ethnographic research methods that analyze talk and multi-modal interaction, I want to understand how children, specifically underrepresented children from non-dominant communities, identify with science, looking at ways in which they draw on complex bodies of knowledge, not just traditional science resources, to solve specific problems.  I seek to understand how their engagement, identities, and ideas about what science is and who can do it change as a result of interventions that bridge science practices with the everyday practices and focus on the body as a resource for meaning making.  

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