Jolie Matthews

Jolie Matthews

Assistant Professor, Learning Sciences

Annenberg Hall
2120 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208-0001


Jolie Matthews joined the Learning Sciences program at the School of Education and Social Policy in 2014. Her research examines informal learning and evolving behavior norms in online spaces through the lens of how social media practices and digital technologies are changing the way we acquire and disseminate knowledge.

Some of her interests and projects include social media production/consumption practices across different platforms (YouTube versus Tumblr versus Pinterest or a discussion forum), source and evidence credibility evaluations in digital spaces, bias and "reading" content, the relationship between popular culture, inquiry, and disciplinary learning, the historical consciousness of fans of historical and pseudo-historical media (television shows, novels, films, etc.), and the changing dynamics among audiences/creators/consumers/producers/professionals/non-professionals in social media spaces. 

At Stanford University, she was a research assistant with the Stanford University YouthLab, the Joint Media Engagement Group, and the Wallenberg Media Places Grant for Digital Humanities. She has also been a research intern for the Social Media Collective at Microsoft Research New England in Cambridge, Massachusetts


  • 2017 - Searle Center for Teaching Excellence Fellowship



Year Degree Institution
2014 PhD, Learning Sciences and Technology Design Stanford University
2008 Master of Professional Writing University of Southern California
2006 BA, Concentration in Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies New York University

Selected Publications

Matthews, J. (Working Paper/In Press/Under Review). Historical Perspective Taking, the Self, and Someone Else’s Bias in an Informal Online Community.

Matthews, J. (2018). A Past that Never Was: Historical Poaching in Game of Thrones Fans' Tumblr Practices. Popular Communication.

Matthews, J. (2017). New Media in Kylie Peppler (Ed.)., Encyclopedia of out-of-school learning. Sage Publications.
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Matthews, J. (2016). Historical inquiry in an informal fan community: Online source usage and the TV show The Tudors. Journal of the Learning Sciences: 4-50.
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Matthews, J. (2016). Professionals and nonprofessionals on Goodreads: Behavior standards for authors, reviewers, and readers. New Media & Society.
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Martin, C., Barron, B., Matthews, J., Stringer, D. (June, 2014). Patterns of engagement: How depth of experience matters in The Digital Youth Network: Cultivating Digital Media Citizenship in Urban Communities. MIT Press.

Levinson, A., Stringer, D., Zywica, J., Matthews, J., Barron, B., Martin, C., Rogers, M. (June, 2014). "Be a voice, not an echo": Supporting identities as new media citizens in The Digital Youth Network: Cultivating Digital Media Citizenship in Urban Communities. MIT Press.

Rogers, M., Barron, B., Martin, C., Levinson A., Matthews, J. (June, 2014). Stepping into production: Seeding creative project work in The Digital Youth Network: Cultivating Digital Media Citizenship in Urban Communities. MIT Press.

Research Interests

Learning and behavior norms in online communities, social media production and consumption practices, sources and credibility, historical consciousness, fandom, digital technologies and the creative process, inquiry in digital spaces.

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